Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to my husband

Today my husband turns 70 years old. As the snow came down last Friday I was remembering his mother telling me that there was a blizzard the day that Edward was born and I rather wondered if history would repeat itself for his 70th birthday but the day has dawned somewhat dull with rain but at 12 degrees celsius so no danger of a blizzard today!

The snow has mostly melted away that arrived last Friday - all fifteen centimetres of that especially wet sticky icy snow. Spring has pushed its way through with crocuses blooming in the back garden, the daffodils soon to come hopefully in April and the hyacinth about to bloom.

We will be married 47 years this year almost half of a century. Amazing how genealogy has taken over my life although it is over 40 years since Edward first started to delve into his genealogy. Sometimes as I sit here transcribing I stop and think about my earlier opinion on family searching - I thought I knew all my ancestors. In reality I did know back to my 2x great grandparents on all lines and even further with my two grandfather's families but that was really just the tip of the iceberg. I have learned so much in the past eight years that has added "flesh to the bones" of the ones that I did know and revealed all sorts of interesting people hidden to me by the veils of time.

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