Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lambden Research Day and Abbots Ann Parish Registers

My Lambden family when I first discovered them about eight years ago in my early years of Genealogy ended up being partially known by me because of Elizabeth Lambden who was my grandfather's great grandmother whom he knew about from his grandmother Anne (Farmer) Blake. Elizabeth Lambden lived to be 96 years of age dying in 1862. A remarkable age at that time and she worked most of those years being a shepherdess the last years of her life (with her son William Farmer).

Elizabeth Lambden married Isaac Farmer 16 Aug 1789 at Woodhouse, Andover. It must have been interesting times as the baptism of their first son, William Farmer, took place on 16 Aug 1789 as well. William was born 16 Jul 1789. He married Hannah Green 31 Jul 1823 at Andover. They had a large family of three daughters and four sons. I have met a number of descendants of this family on Genes Reunited.

Elizabeth's father was Nathanael Lambden and he appears to have been a wheelwright. He signed the marriage registration of his daughter as did Isaac Farmer Elizabeth's husband. Elizabeth made her mark. I already discussed Isaac Farmer and the possibility of him being the son of John Farmer of Collingbourne Kingston.

Because sorting these individuals out is really dependent on transcribing the parish registers for these various places (unless they come online) I am going to once again reserve this research period for transcribing the Abbots Ann Parish Registers and once completed I will go back and finish Andover and Upper Clatford and then move to Goodworth Clatford. In the meantime others are also researching Isaac Farmer and Elizabeth Lambden and I will see how their research transpires since I have given them all the details that I had acquired on this family a few years ago. They live in England and are closer to the "record" houses than I am. Really these families need to have someone who can go to the record offices and spend time going through all the different possible records.

 Abbots Ann Parish Registers are moving slowly and I managed to do the burials from 1653 to 1656 yesterday (I do not know if the burials from 1598 to 1652 are extant. That remains to be seen as I work my way through this early register which is difficult to read and not always chronological. I also did the marriages from 1653 to 1656. No new baptisms and they remain at 1636 as the last year entered. This will be a rather large file by the time I reach the mid 1900s with 607 baptisms, 113 marriages and 197 burials thus far and three hundred years to go.

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