Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mary Dove - Family Tree on Ancestry

The work that I did on the Dove family was back in 2008 and I haven't really looked at it since. I was checking out the Lywood family and discovered a new Rawlins Family Tree online at Ancestry. This one claims that Mary Dove was born in Fifield, Wiltshire 19 Mar 1783 and the daughter of George Dove and Rachel Artley. Same marriage date to Thomas Rawlins 9 Dec 1807 at Upper Woodford. I shall try to make contact to see if she has more information on this Dove family.

This Dove family originates in Hutton Cranswick, East Yorkshire Riding. Seems somewhat distant as they married 12 Oct 1775 at Boynton, Yorkshire and George died 25 Jun 1806 at Harpham, Yorkshire. I was a bit concerned that mine was far fetched because it was a couple marrying in Salisbury! Other than that the tree owner has copied my picture of William Rawlins from my webpage. It would be so nice if they were right but Yorkshire does seem a mite far for this couple to have traveled and then to go back again for their burials.

I must admit though the date of birth 19 Mar 1783 at Fifield for Mary Dove I will investigate.

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