Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pearce Research Day and Abbots Ann Parish Register

Today is the Pearce family research day and as mentioned yesterday John Coleman married Elizabeth Pearce 7 Oct 1771 at Abbots Ann and they are one set of my 4x great grandparents. Elizabeth was buried 8 Apr 1823 at Upper Clatford as Elizabeth Head having married her second husband John Head 10 Oct 1781 at Upper Clatford . They had one daughter Elizabeth baptized 2 Feb 1783 at Upper Clatford who married William Hunter 19 Feb 1805 at Upper Clatford.They had four children Eizabeth (baptized 27 Mar 1814 at Upper Clatford and married to Thomas Williams 28 Apr 1832 at Upper Clatford), Ann Hunter (baptized 8 Jun 1817 at Upper Clatford), Thomas Hunter (baptized 12 Mar 1820 at Upper Clatford) and Richard Hunter baptized 20 Jun 1824 at Upper Clatford). These four children would be half first cousins to my 3x great grandfather John Blake (son of Thomas Blake and Sarah Coleman).  More details on these families will be available when I complete the Upper Clatford Parish Registers past 1812.

In order to more fully understand the Pearce family at Abbots Ann I need to continue working on the Parish Registers for Abbots Ann.There hasn't been a Pearce Research Day as I did not reach that point in the Calendar the last time. I had moved to the 4x great grandparents from the third in my research endeavours but Coleman was the last one worked on. Because of the Pearce records that I do hold for Abbots Ann I suspect that Elizabeth is a sibling to Mary Pearce who married Joseph Welch 7 Oct 1769 at Abbots Ann and Simon Pearce who married Sarah Cooke 6 Sep 1775 at Abbots Ann. These children were baptized at Collingbourne Ducis and the children of William Pearce and Elizabeth Hopgood who married at Collingbourne Kingston 25 Apr 1736.The Pearce family were Innkeepers/malsters at Abbots Ann which would make them a similar background to the Coleman family with their Inn at Goodworth Clatford.

Once again in order to more fully understand the Pearce family I will spend their Research Day on the Abbots Ann Parish Registers. Yesterday I managed to enter five years of baptisms bringing the numbers for the Abbots Ann Parish Registers to 506 baptisms by 1625, 99 marriages by 1598 and 177 burials by 1597.

The first Blake entry at Abbots Ann is the baptism of Thomas Blake son of Robert Blake and baptized 1 Sep 1568. The latest entry in the Blake family is William Blake son of John Blake baptized 27 Dec 1627.  No ideas yet on which Blake family in the Andover area this might be. The one known Blake family at Abbots Ann was Peter Blake of Andover who left his heavily mortgaged property to his son Peter Blake and thence to his sister Sarah Lambert. This was the Manor and advowson of Abbots Ann.

 At the end of the day I now have 607 baptisms at Abbots Ann and the same number of marriages and burials. The next set of transcriptions is marriages and I will begin them tomorrow.

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