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Will of William Blake, Shopkeeper, Cookham Berkshire - The National Archives PROB 11/2025/17, probated 6 Oct 1845

Always nice to have wills fit together and this is the will of William Blake father of Lydia Blake who left her will in 1853 and this will was blogged 8 Apr 2013.

I am somewhat curious if this family is descendant of the Blake family found at Reading in the 1600s.

This will further clarifies the children of William Blake and Lydia Thompson who were married 24 Jan 1795 at Cookham Berkshire as John, Lydia, Fanny, Mary and Martha. Only John has married it would appear as it showed in Lydia's will which was blogged:

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 10 Apr 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/2025/17
Testator:  William Blake, Shopkeeper
Place: Cookham, Berkshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 6 May 1843, probated 6 Oct 1845
Read: Electronic copy images
Condition: 19th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: William
[Margin]: Blake
[Margin]: 30

1    This is the last Will and Testament
2    of me William Blake of the parish of Cookham in the County of
3    Berks Shopkeeper First I direct all my just debts funeral and testa-
4    mentary charges and expences shall be fully paid and satisfied as
5    soon as conveniently may be after my decease I give and bequeath unto my Son John Blake the  legacy or sum of money five pounds I give and bequeath 
6    unto my Grandson John William Blake and my Granddaughter
7    Sarah Blake children of my said Son John Blake the legacy or sum
8    of one hundred pounds each to be vested in and payable to them
9    respectively as and when they respectively shall attain the age of
10    twenty one years And I direct each of such legacies to be if vested and
11    payable paid or if not retained and set apart at the end of three
12    calendar months next after my decease and if retained and set apart
13    to be invested in the names of my trustees in or upon the public
14    Stocks or Funds or other Government Securities of the United
15    Kingdom or real securities in the United Kingdom with power to
16    vary the investment from time to time for any other or others of
17    the like nature and to apply the yearly produce thereof in the
18    purchase of clothes and other necessaries for the said John William
19    Blake and Sarah Blake respectively or otherwise for their benefit
20    during their respective minority and the unapplied yearly produce
21    if any shall be accumulated and the accumulations be added to the
22    capital of the legacy whence the same shall have arisen and
23    follow the destination of the same legacy And I declare that if the
24    said John William Blake and Sarah Blake or either of them shall
25    die under the age of twenty one years that the legacy of such of
26    them as shall so die and the unapplied yearly produce and
    [Page 2]
27    accumulations if any shall sink into the residue of my personal
28    estate I give and bequeath unto the Treasurer for the time being
30    of the London Missionary Society the legacy or sum of nineteen
31    pounds to be applied towards the purposes of the said Institution I
32    give and bequeath unto the Treasurer for the time being of the
33    Religious Tract Society the legacy or sum of ten pounds to be applied
34    towards the purposes of the said Institution And I direct that the
35    receipts of the persons who shall happen to be such Treasurers as
36    aforesaid at the time when the above legacies are respectively paid
37    shall be sufficient discharges for the same I give and bequeath
38    unto each of my Trustees and Executors hereinafter named the legacy
39    or sum of ten pounds as a compensation for their trouble in
40    executing the trusts and duties of this my will And I direct that
41    the several legacies hereinbefore given and bequeathed shall be
42    severally paid within six months next after my decease I give
43    and devise all and singular my messuages or tenements lands
44    hereditaments and premises situate and being in the parish of
45    Cookham aforesaid and all other the real estate whatsoever or
46    wheresoever to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease
47    (except estates vested in me as a trustee or mortgagee) with their
48    and every of their appurtenances unto and to the use of Charles
49    Cooper of Maidenhead in the said County of Berks Builder and
50    James Poulton of Maidenhead aforesaid Timber Merchant their
51    heirs and assigns for ever upon the trusts following (that is to say) upon
52    Trust that they the said Charles Cooper and James Poulton or the
53    survivor of them or the heirs or assigns of such survivor do and
54    shall with all convenient speed after my decease absolutely sell
55    the said hereditaments and premises either by public auction or
56    private contract and either together or in parcels and at one or
57    more time or times as my said trustees or trustee for the time being
58    shall think most advantageous and also do and shall make
59    execute and perfect all necessary and proper deeds conveyances and
60    assurances in the Law for the purpose of vesting the same in any
61    purchaser or purchasers thereof or as he she or they shall direct
62    or appoint And do and shall stand and be possessed of and interested
63    in the money to arise by such sale or sales upon such and the
64    same trusts and for the like intents and purposes as are hereinafter
65    declared of and concerning my residuary personal estate And as
66    to all and singular my goods chattels money securities for money Stock
67    in the public Funds rights credits and all other the Personal Estate
68    whatsoever and wheresoever not hereinbefore bequeathed to which
69    I shall be entitled at the time of my decease I give and bequeath
70    the same unto the said Charles Cooper and James Poulton their
71    executors administrators and assigns upon the trusts following (that
72    is to say) Upon Trust as soon as conveniently may be after my
73    decease in the discretion and of the sole authority of my said trustees
74    or the survivor of them his executors administrators or assigns
75    to sell dispose of or convert in money so much and such parts of
76    the same residuary personal estate as shall not consist of money
77    or securities for money and to collect get in and receive the
78    remaining parts of my said residuary personal estate and stand
79    and be possessed of the proceeds thereof upon the trusts hereinafter
80    declared of and concerning the same And I hereby empower my
81    said trustees or trustee in the execution of the aforesaid trusts to
82    compound or allow such time or accept such security real or personal
83    for the payment of any sum or sums of money which shall be
84    owing to me at the time of my decease as by them or him shall
    [Page 3]
85    be deemed expedient and also to refer to arbitration or otherwise
86    adjust any question or dispute that may arise in relation thereto or
87    in relation to any debt that may be owing or be claimed to be
88    owing by me to any person or persons whomsoever And it is my
89    will and I declare that the said Charles Cooper and James Poulton
90    and the survivor of them his executors administrators and
91    assigns shall stand possessed or as well the monies to arise from
92    my said residuary personal estate as the monies to be produced by
93    the sale or sales to be made under or by virtue of the trusts herein
94    before declared concerning my said real estate hereinbefore devised
95    upon Trust in the first place by with or out of the same monies
96    to pay or satisfy and retain all expences incidental to the trusts
97    hereby created And in the next place to pay the pecuniary legacies
98    hereinbefore bequeathed as and when the same shall become due
99    and payable and subject thereto In Trust for my following children
100    namely Lydia, Fanny, Mary and Martha to be equally divided
101    between and among them and their respective executors administrators and
102    assigns and the respective shares of such children to be received
103    enjoyed and disposed of by them respectively as their respective
104    separate estate without the control or interferance of any husband
105    or husbands whom they respectively may marry and the receipts
106    of each of my said daughters to be notwithstanding coverture an
107    effectual discharge for the same I devise and bequeath all the
108    Real and personal Estate vested in me as a trustee or mortgagee
109    unto my said trustees their heirs executors administrators and assigns
110    subject to the trusts and equities affecting the same respectively I
111    declare that the receipt or receipts of the trustees or trustee for the time
112    being of my Will shall be good and effectual discharges for any sum
113    or sums of money payable to them or him under or by virtue of this
114    my Will and that any purchaser or other persons paying them
115    or him any such sum or sums of money and taking their or his
116    receipts or receipt for the same respectively shall not afterwards be
117    answerable or accountable for the loss misapplication or nonappli-
118    cation or in anywise bound or concerned to see to the application of the
119    money in the said receipts mentioned or acknowledged to be received
120    provided always and it is my will that in case the said Charles
121    Cooper and James Poulton or either of them or any trustee or
122    trustees to be appointed under this present provision in their or
123    either of their place of stead shall depart this life or be desirous of
124    being discharged of and from the aforesaid trusts or shall go to
125    reside beyond the seas or shall neglect or refuse to become incapa-
126    ble to act in the said trusts before the same shall be fully executed and
127    performed then and in that case and when and as often as the same
128    shall happen it shall and may be lawful to and for the surviving
129    or continuing trustee or trustees for the time being or the last acting
130    trustee of this my Will or the executors or administrators of the
131    last acting trustee to nominate any fit person or persons to supply
132    the place of the trustee or trustees respectively so dying desiring
133    to be discharged going to reside beyond seas or refusing neglecting or
134    becoming incapable to act as aforesaid And that immediately as
135    after every such appointment the trust estate monies and effects
136    then vested by virtue of this my Will in the trustee or trustees so
137    dying desiring to be discharged or going to reside beyond the seas
138    or refusing neglecting or becoming incapable to act as aforesaid
139    shall be conveyed assigned and assured to and in such manner
140    that the same may vest in such new trustee or trustees jointly
141    with the surviving or continuing trustee or in such new trustee
    [Page 4]
142    or trustees solely as the case may require upon the trusts herein
143    before expressed and declared of an concerning the same or such
144    of them as shall then be subsisting or capable of taking effect And
145    that every such new trustee shall and may exercise the same powers
146    privileges and authorities as if he she or they has been appointed
147    a trustee or trustees by this my Will and as if his her or their name
148    or names had been inserted herein instead of the name or names
149    of the trustee or trustees hereby appointed in or to whose place
150    such new trustee or trustees shall come or succeed provided lastly
151    and I do hereby declare my will to be that the trustees and execu-
152    tors of this my Will or either of them their or either of their
153    executors or administrators shall not be charged or chargeable with
154    nor accountable for any more of the aforesaid trust monies estates
155    and premises than he she or they respectively shall actually
156    receive or shall come to him her or their respective hands by
157    virtue of this my will nor for any loss or misfortune which may
158    happen to the same estates monies and premises or any part
159    thereof so as such loss or misfortune happen without their respec-
160    tive wilful default or anyone or more of them for the other or
161    others of them or for the acts deeds receipts disbursements or default
162    of the other of others of them but each of them only for his own
163    acts deeds receipts disbursaments and wilful defaults And also that
164    it shall and may be lawful for the Trustees and Executors of my
165    Will and each of them and their respective heirs executors and
166    administrators by and out of the aforesaid respective trust estates
167    monies and premises to deduct retain and reimburse themselves
168    respectively and to pay and allow to each other all such loss costs
169    charges and expences as they shall respectively sustain expend
170    disburse be at or be put unto by reason of the said several trusts
171    hereby in them reposed in relation to the same estates monies
172    and premises respectively or to the management or execution
173    thereof of any other thing in anywise relating thereto I appoint
174    the said Charles Cooper and James Poulton to be Trustees and
175    Executors of my Will Lastly I revoke all Wills Codicils and other
176    testamentary dispositions made by me at any time or times
177    heretofore and do declare this to be my last will and Testament
178    In witness whereof I have hereunder set my hand this twenty
179    sixth day of May one thousand eight hundred and forty three
181    William Blake signed by the said testator as and for his last
182    Will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same
183    time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of
184    each other have hereunto set our names as witnesses thereto
185    Chas Brown  William Wright } Clerks to Mr James Smith Solicitor
186    Maidenhead
187    Codicil to my Will Wm Blake My Son John Blake having
188    this day the 6th of August 1844 informed me of the death of his
189    daughter Sarah to whom I have bequeathed in my present
190    will the sum of one hundred pounds and which sum I now trans
191    fer to his daughter Lydia and hereby authorize my Executors to
192    apply the same money for her benefit Witness my hand this
193    sixth day of August 1844 William Blake witness Mary Blake
194    Martha Blake 6th Augt 1844
195    In consideration of the various sums of money
196    that I have from time to time advanced to my daughter Fanny
197    I do hereby desire and direct my Executors to pay her one
198    hundred
    [Page 4]
199    hundred pounds less than to each of my other daughters out of
200    my property William Blake 4th July 1845 Witness Lydia Blake
201    Mary Blake
202    Cookham August 9, 1845
203    To the Executors of me William Blake of
204    Cookham I hereby authorize you to sell all my Property and
205    when so done to abate one hundred pounds of the residue to my
206    daughter Fanny in conveyance of sums previously paid to her
207    at various times before this day Witness my hand William Blake
208    Edward Cooper Witness Lydia Blake  Mary Blake  Martha Blake
209    Witnesses
210    Appeared Personally Mary Blake of Cookham in
211    the County of Berks Spinster and referring to the three codicils to
212    the last Will and Testament of William Blake late of the parish
213    of Cookham in the county of Berks Grocer and Shopkeeper
214    deceased the first of the said Codicils bearing date the sixth day
215    of August one thousand eight hundred and forty four and the
216    second and third of the said Codicils bearing date respectively the
217    fourth day of July and the ninth day of August one thousand eight
218    hundred and forty five now hereunto annexed made Oath that
219    the said deceased duly executed the said three codicils to his said
220    Will on the days or the respective dates thereof by signing his
221    name at the foot of and thereof respectively to wit the first of the
222    said Codicils on the aforesaid sixth day of August in the presence
223    of this deponent and of Martha Blake the other subscribed
224    witness thereto who was also present as the same time the
225    second of the said Codicils on the aforesaid fourth day of July in
226    the presence of this deponent and of Lydia Blake the other
227    subscribed witness thereto who was also present at the same
228    time and the third of the said Codicils (written on a half sheet
229    of paper as the same now appears on the aforesaid ninth day
230    of August in the presence of this deponent and of Edward Cooper
231    Lydia Blake and Martha Blake the other subscribed witnesses
232    thereto who were also present at the same time and that this
233    deponent and the said Martha Blake attested and subscribed the
234    said first Codicil and that this deponent
235    and the said Lydia Blake attested and subscribed the said second
236    Codicil and that this deponent and the said Edward Cooper Lydia
237    Blake and Martha Blake attested and subscribed the said third
238    Codicil on the occasions of the said execution thereof respectively in
239    the presence of the said deceased Mary Blake On the 16th
240    day of September 1845 the said Mary Blake was duly sworn to
241    the trust of this Affidavit Before me F.F. Pratt S PST Geo Heales
242    Proved at London with three Codicils 3rd Oct 1845 before the
243    worshipful James Parker Deane Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by
244    the Oaths of Charles Cooper and James Poulton the Executors
245    to whom admon was granted having been first sworn duly to
246    administer

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