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Routledge of Bewcastle - Will of Elizabeth Routledge,widow, of Flatt, Bewcastle - Carlisle Record Office - probated 12 Oct 1784

My Routledge family has been blogged about a number of times and I tend these days to leave the study of Routledge (other than my direct line) to my cousin Thomas Routledge who has done so much research on the early history of our mutual family. His webpage down at the moment will be up again in the near future and I will make a post directing Routledge researchers to his new site. At the moment there is a Routledge Society which he has founded and looking to have Clan status once again because the Routledge family were Highlanders.

My time with the Routledge Research day will be spent on wills (paper copy) that I purchased from the Carlisle Record Office about five years ago now and my how that time has flown. I want to transcribe them but I do know that they do not directly pertain to my line other than the one administration for my 4x great grandfather Henry Routledge who was married to Margaret Tweddle. One of the few Oakshaw Routledge marriages that wasn't to another Routledge cousin.

The testator is Elizabeth Routledge, widow of John Routledge and they were married 11 May 1710 at Stapleton, Cumberland. Elizabeth was Elizabeth Dodgson. John was the son of William Routledge and Frances Little.  John Routledge, husband of Elizabeth, had died by 1753 and I also have his will which I will transcribe.

They had ten children of whom six (and possibly more but not mentioned in the will) survived infancy.

Mary, the eldest, married Joseph Armstrong 15 Nov 1735 at Bewcastle and their daughter Elizabeth married George Routledge (my 4x great grandfather with Elizabeth being his second wife, his first wife was Grace Routledge daughter of Thomas Routledge of Hill and Mary Routledge of Kirkbeckstown). Elizabeth mentions her grand daughter Elizabeth Routledge wife of George Routledge and they married 1 Jun 1768 at Bewcastle. Thomas Armstrong was Elizabeth's brother and is the first grandchild mentioned.

Grace, second eldest, married John Dodgson 26 Nov 1741 at Bewcastle and they had five sons - Robert, John, Henry, William and Andrew. Elizabeth mentions only Robert, William and Andrew but both John and Henry did survive her so not really sure why they are left out.

Ann is the next daughter, third eldest, and Elizabeth has her married to Frank Forester. I need to review this as I have her married to Thomas Routledge. I found that marriage confusing anyway as Thomas was Ann's uncle so it is interesting to have that information from the will. The marriage of Francis Forrester of Kirkandrews-on-Esk and Ann Routledge 28 Nov 1745 at Bewcastle. I will correct that in my tree. Their children baptized at Kirk Andrews upon Esk were: John baptized 5 Sep 1747 and Elizabeth baptized 17 Dec 1753.

William is the fourth child and her eldest son. He married Jane Routledge and they had six children. William is to be her executor and not mentioned at this point in the will. He was known as Laird Willie.

There are two daughters named Jane and I suspect that neither survived to adulthood as not mentioned.

Isobel is the seventh child and she married William Crozer. I do not have this information so will search for that in the Parish Registers for Bewcastle. Marriage of William Crozier and Isobell Routledge both of Bewcastle and by Licence 4 Sep 1755. The Bewcastle Parish Registers lists William son of William Crozier of Borderrigg baptized 7 Jun 1756. Robert son of William Crozer 10 Jul 1757 at Woodside. William son of William Crozer baptized 10 Sep 1759 at Woodside.

Andrew was the next mentioned child after Ann and he lived at Flatt and then Stubb and married Mary Boustead 12 Nov 1755 at Bewcastle. I had only one child for this couple - John Routledge but also found Mary daughter of Andrew Routledge of Stubb baptized 11 Jan 1761 looking through the parish registers for Bewcastle.I wonder if Andrew is older than Isobel since he is mentioned before her.

Then two John baptisms and perhaps neither of these children survived to adulthood since not mentioned in the will.

The listing of these children comes from the Dodgson Manuscript. I have a death date for Elizabeth of 16 Feb 1784 from the Bewcastle Parish Registers giving her a year of birth circa 1682 because she was 102 years of age when she died.  The Dodgson Manuscript has left the wife of John Routledge as unknown but quite clearly she was Elizabeth Dodgson as the children she lists matches the children listed by John Routledge of Flatt her husband who died by 1753.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 13 May 2013
Source: Carlisle Record Office - W - Elizabeth Routledge, 1784
Testator:  Elizabeth Routledge, widow
Place: Bewcastle, Cumberland, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document:  1 Nov 1777, probated 12 Oct 1784
Condition: 18th century English, legible copy, paper photocopy

1    R
2    Elizabeth Routledge
3    The last Will and  testament of Elisabeth Routledge of Flatt
4    in the parish of Bewcastle and County of Cumberland in the
5    name of God Amen I Elizabeth Routledge of Flatt in
6    the parish of Bewcastel and County of Cumberland
7    Widdow being weak of body but in perfect mind and memory
8    (praised be god for the same) do make and ordain this my
9    last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth
10    First I give and bequeth my Soul unto God my maker
11    hoping through the death and passion of Jesus Christ my
12    Redeemer to receive remission for all my Sins and as
13    for all my worldly goods which God in mercy hath bestowed
14    on me I give and bequath as followeth Item primes I give
15    and bequeath to Thomes Armstrong my grandson the sum
16    of ten pounds Item I give and bequath unto my grand daughter
17    Elisabeth Routledge wife to George Routledge the sum
18    of five pounds and my Cloth Chist Item I give and
19    bequath unto my grandson Robert Dodgson the sum of
20    five pounds Item I give and bequeath unto my grandson
21    William Dodgson the sume of five pounds Item I give and
22    bequeath unto my grandson Andrew Dodgson the sum of
23    five pounds Item I give and bequath unto my daughter
24    Ann Forester Wife Wife to Frank Forester the sum of
25    fortey pounds and I give and bequeath unto my Son
26    Andrew
    [Page 2]
27    Andrew Routledge the sum of fortey pounds Item I give and
28    bequeath unto my daughter Izabel Crozer (wife to William
30    Crozer the sume of forty pounds and my wearing appareal
31    these Legacies not to be paid until a year after my decease
32    except the Executor pieces of what quantity I give their best
33    give unto my Son William Routledge whom I make full
34    Executor to this my last Will and Testament no being all
35    other wills by me made in Witness whereof I have
36    hereunto sett my hand and Seal November the first day
37    1777 Elizabeth Routledge her mark
38    Wittness John Routledge sworn John Story sworn39    Proved 20th Mar 1784

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