Wednesday, February 26, 2014

100,000 page views - 26th February 2014

There have been 100,000 page views as of early this morning on my blog which has 1329 blog posts. I do not count my own pageviews. When I started my blog after our trip to Salt Lake City end of October/early November 2008, it was to be and is my living memory of my thoughts on the different lines of my family. It has morphed somewhat to being a blog about my Blake one name study principally but still I do have blogs on other family lines on occasion.

The statistics are interesting with regard to the location of people looking at my blog (the system limits the number displayed to 10):

United States       32269
Canada                13043
United Kingdom   11637
France                   7297
Russia                   5712
Germany               4644
Australia               2970
Spain                       915
China                      901
Ukraine                  606

This does not add up to 100,000 as it does not include the other countries where the numbers are less than 606 for instance there were over 400 page views for Saudia Arabia I remember in just a one month period. Also Poland, Latvia, Greece, India, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Malaysia and a few others as I did not write them all down at the time but they come to mind as I am writing this blog.

Why are people looking at my webpages? At first I was really surprised but then I got a few comments from people who were researching my lines asking about sources and then a few times information that redirected my line of research on some of my obscure lines which turned out to be very very handy.

I think blogging is perhaps the most successful means I have found to date of extending my Blake one name study. I have heard from more people who are Blake or descendant from Blake since I started blogging the Blake wills. I am considering eliminating my WordPress website for the Blake one name study as it tends to just collect spam and timewise I haven't been able to get back to it since I converted to this new computer last May. The website is up and running but has only a small portion of the information that I had on it earlier. I still have the information but mostly I have blogged on it. I may just produce a stand alone page connected to my personal website on which I place all the excel files that I have collected for the Blake family and eventually I will have family trees that I will put together on My Heritage. That will not likely happen until I complete the transcription of the PCC Blake wills sometime in this next year hopefully.

I didn't know that I could have made this blog private and to be honest it never crossed my mind that anyone but myself would read it as it does tend to go on and on for a lot of my posts but if it has turned out to be an assistance to people researching their lines I am glad that I was able to share my information and didn't make it private. That would have so limited it with regard to the information that I have received and for those who asked for information it made that possible as well.

The most popular posts:


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One can see from this list though that the people reading my blog are often looking for information on Blake.


Philip Moggridge said...

The reason you have over 100,000 views is because you obviously show a passion. I'm a follower of your posts for the simple reason of your connection with the surname Moggridge. Should I get any info to help you will be the first to know. Great blog site.

Elizabeth Kipp said...

Thank you. I must post more on Moggridge as I do have some more information than I have put up. Elizabeth Kipp

Philip Moggridge said...

I will look forward to that, Elizabeth. I also have more on Moggridge, and I would like to compare your findings with mine.Philip