Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gene-O-Rama 2014

We spent the weekend at Gene-O-Rama 2014 and enjoyed a number of interesting lectures. Numbers were down somewhat as we had a heavy snowfall early this morning which lasted until mid day. The interesting part about snow in March and April is that we know it will not last. Spring is coming we just have to wait a little longer. The days are so much longer now with daylight savings time so that it is light almost to 8:00 p.m. That of course eats into my transcription time as I do need the short days for my best transcribing time unless I want to work in a closet :)

Came home and shovelled the snow out of the drive way. This is the wet slushy stuff and it had flooded the end of the laneway so had to clear a path to the drain to let that flow away. More snow in the forecast but the temperature is finally coming above zero degrees celsius in the day. Soon time to garden.

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