Friday, March 28, 2014

Sensationalism used as a means of selling books

My information placed in my blog is there for every genealogist to use if it fits into your line of research. Lately I have blogged primarily on the Blake family - one of my one name studies with the Guild of one name studies.

Another one of my one name studies is the Pincombe family - my mother's maiden name. This family has had its share of misfortune through the centuries in one way or another but I have refrained from reporting on it simply because it doesn't add to the genealogy of the family. They are just simply misfortunes that can occur in a family.

I have a comment on one of my blogs and an email from an individual who has decided to write a book about one of the descendants of William Pincombe and Maria Torrington. A number of the members of this family did go to Australia and this particular event occurred in Australia.

A picture of my 2x great grandfather is available on the internet (BIFHSGO site in particular is likely the one that was used to acquire the image) and was sent back to me in an email querying who this person was and how he was related to the individual about whom the story is being written. I have responded explaining the interconnection but also refusing permission to use this picture (in a publication) of my ancestor which had been placed on the internet to make it available for Pincombe researchers worldwide working on their personal family trees. Abusing this type of publication could result in people not being willing to publicly share information.

It is a pity to have one's information utilized in a book written to sensationalize an event and as far as I can tell from the writings I have received from the author there is no proof of the accusations directed at this individual from a medical standpoint. No doctor's certificate appears to accompany the claim.

I will keep you informed of the progress of this particular item. Using a family's misfortune to sell books is something that I have not yet had to deal with in my free dissemination of information. I had received this information from a family member in Australia but did not blog on it as it does not add to knowledge of the families' genealogy. Plus I do not write sensational blogs to attract readers; my work is original documents and commenting on them as I see fit to add to my studies and, if it so happens, to make the information available to other like minded family researchers.

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