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Will of Robert Blake, Walhopp Street, Lockerley, Hampshire - Family Search Film 186688, Catalogue C-503, number 33, probated 20 Nov 1545

As soon as I came across the name of Marmaduke Blake I knew that this was not the Blake family from the two wills I just did for Walter Blake of East Tytherley and John Blake of Over Eldon. At least I do not think they fit together in the present generation.

Marmaduke Blake is mentioned in a will that I transcribed back in 2012 before our trip to England for WDYTYAL. Also I transcribed a will for Marmaduke Blake.

Both of these wills deal with the Blake family in a later time period than is presently being reviewed.

Robert Blake identifies his children as Marmaduke, William, John, Alice, Mald (Matilda perhaps), Margaret and another Alice it would appear. His wife is Elizabeth and he mentions a John Blake at East Dean.

It does likely indeed take the families described in the two earlier transcribed wills back another generation although the linkage between these two wills and the present one is somewhat weak.

But it also begs the question of the lineage of this particular Blake family. I think with a family this large one links them together with rather a questioning hand. The land records may assist in this regard and they will be my next transcription project once the wills are completed. I shall continue with my present project looking at these early Hampshire wills which I am aquiring from Family Search. If not read now and transcribed, will this skill of doing so be lost in a generation or two? It is one of the underlying reasons for my deciding to work on these earlier wills for a while longer although will try to fit in some of the later wills to keep on with the transcription of the PCC wills for Blake. Although I had mentioned I would now progress to Gloucester Blake wills I will return to my orderly review of the wills which next takes me to Durham and the single will there for Francis Blake from 1822 as time permits.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 20 Mar 2014
Source: Family Search Film 186688, Catalogue C-503, number 33
Testator: Robert Blake
Place: Walhopp Street, Lockerley, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 22 Oct 1545, probated 20 Nov 1545
Condition: 16h century English, legible copy

[Wrapper]: Testament Roberti Black Wallop

1    In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen The xxij th day of octobre In the yere of o[u]r lorde god m ccccc xlv
2    I Robert Blake of Walhopp streyte makyth my testament In thys man[ner] way
3    first I gyve and bequith my soule to Almyghty god to our Lady saynt
4    mary and to all the saynts in hevyn my Body to be buryed In the churche
5    yarde of lockerley chapel of saynt John Baptyst In p[ri]mis I gyve to
6    my mother churche of the holy trytie ij d It[em] I gyve to the hye aulter
7    of saynt Andre of Mottesfont iij d It[em] I gyve to lockerley chapel xij d
8    It[em] I gyve to Sherfelde churche xij d It[em] I gyve to Alic blake my dought[er]
9    1 cowe and 1 hekfer It[em] I gyve to mald blake my doughter 1 cowe It[em] I
10    gyve to margat my doughter 1 hekfer It[em] I gyve to John blake my son
11    1 greled hekfer It[em] I gyve to Alice blake my youngest doughter 1 bulloke
12    It[em] I gyve to will[ia]m blake my son 1 bulloke of ij yere olde It[em] I gyve to
13    Alic blake mald margat John Alic and Will[ia]m eche of them eue sheip
14    It[em] I gyve to every god child iiij d It[em] I gyve to will[ia]m chroscell clerk
15    I russet cote It[em] I gyve marmayducke blake my son xiij s iiij d that
16    Johan emlyn owey to me It[em] I gyve to my wyffe eliz blake hyr
17    chamber It[em] I gyve to John blake of est dean 1 sire bulloke
18    The Resydewe of All my goods not bequithed my detts payd I gyve and
19    bequithe to eliz my wyffe and marmayduck blake my son whome I
20    make myn[e] executers as they wyll despose for the helth of my soule
21    Thes be the wytnessyts S[y]r will[ia]m lambert John bedforth John
22    Roston w[i]th other And Thomas gryce and Rychard gyll overseers
23    and they to have for labor xx d apeyc
24    Probatum fuit hoi testm cora mro
25    nicho harperfeld legu doctore commissas
26    xx de novembris anno domini 1545

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