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Will of Thomas Clark, husbandman, Whitchurch, Hampshire - Family Search Film 186691, Catalogue C-849, Page 87, 7 Mar 1551

The will of Thomas Clark, husbandman, at Whitchurch was interesting because of his mention of the Blake and the Rolfe families. Is this the Thomas Rolfe who was the father of William Rolfe married to Sarah Blake daughter of John Blake and Margaret Blake from the Pedigree Chart held at the Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office? Also mentioned is a Thomas Blake as one of the legatees and witness to this will. Could he be a brother to Sarah and son of John Blake and Margaret Blake. Rather interesting as it gives some time frame to these individuals.

There was a Thomas Rolfe father of William Rolfe who married Sarah Blake and their son William Rolfe married a Sara daughter and coheir of Rick: Deane Alderman London as his 2nd wife (first wife was Johanna Wright daughter and heiris of William Wright of Sevenoak.) This is from the Visitations of Wiltshire 1623. In 1627 this William was a Scrivener in Fleet Street London although said to be of Easton is Hampshire and Halisbery in Wiltshire. The William Rolfe (married to Sarah Blake daughter of John Blake of Essington, Southampton) was said to be the son of Thomas Rolfe of Enford.

Looking at this timewise, Thomas would have been 21 years or more in 1551 and so Sarah as well so that it does not appear that this is reasonable for the mother of William who in 1627 is married a second time to have been around 21 in 1551. Hence this is not Thomas brother of Sarah. Placing this Thomas Blake with his family would certainly be interesting.

A bonus for the Rolfe family as it names the wife of this Thomas as Alice. I did not know the name of the wife of Thomas Rolfe as it is not listed in the Visitation of Wiltshire in 1623.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 4 Mar 2014
Source: Family Search Film 186691, Catalogue C-849, Page 87
Testator: Thomas Clark, husbandman
Place: Whitchurch, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 11 Jan 1551, 7 Mar 1551
Condition: 16th century English, legible copy

[Wrapper]: 1551
[Top of page]: Ihesus

1    Jn the name of god Amen the xvj daie of Januarie in the yere of
2    o[u]r Lorde a Thousand five hundred fiftie and one J Thomas Clark
3    of the parish of Whitchurch in the Countie of South[amp]t[on]
4    husbandman being of p[er]fect mynd and memorie but sick in bodie
5    doe institute and make this my last will and test[a]m[en]t in mann[er]
6    and forme following that is to saie First J bequeth my sowle
7    to Almightie god and my bodie to the earth stedfastlie
8    beleving to Rise againe at the last daie thereone the merits
9    of Christs passion unto eternall life Lauding and praising
10    one god in Trinitie Jt[e]m J give and bequeth unto the Mother
11    Church of the Trinitie in Winchester xij d Jt[e]m to the repacons
12    of my parish Church where J dwell v s to be delivered to
13    the Churchwardens of the same Jt[e]m J bequeth unto Thomas
14    Clarke my eldest Sonn and to his heyers males my house in
15    Winchester lying in Kingsgate trata And to the same Thomas J
16    give and bequeth alsoe one hundred sheepe in Ewes wethers and
17    Teggs equallie to be devided by the discrecion of my ov[er]seers ij kine
18    and bullocks five quarters of whete tenn quarters Barlie
19    and the horse that he hath allredie one black colte one Trussing
20    Bedstede with a fetherbedd yn it and all things thereunto belonging
21    and yron bound Carte my soue coate twoe pere of blacxke hosen
22    and my russet coate Jt[e]m J bequeth to the saide Thomas
23    my eldest sonn vj score Acres arable lande p[ar]cell of my Farme
24    of Whitchurch lying in Severall places in the com[m]on fields
25    there thsatis to saie at knoll hill one por[c]ion another por[c]ion
26    at a place called winterhall to holde and occupie the same in like
27    ______ and forme and for like re__ paying at the Tenants of
28    Whitchurch in my time did paie hold and occupie And alsoe my
29    wode called Coolver wode paying therefore yerelie xj s
30    viij d All w[hi]ch said Legacies that J have made to the saide
31    Thomas my sonn as aforesaide J will they be delivered by
32    the discre[c]ion of myn ov[er]seers the midsomer come Welbe
33    wueth after the date of this my last Will and Testament
34    It[e]m J bequeth to Johan Clarke my daught[e]r one hundred Shepe
    [Page 2]
35    to be sorted in Ewes wethers and Teggs ij kine and Trussing bedstead
36    w[i]th a fetherbedd therein and all things thereunto belonging And she
37    to have of all my brasse and pewter of everie and in por[t]ion
38    to be delivered by my overseers at the discre[t]ion of Margarett
39    my Wife Alsoe J will that my wife have the Custodie of her
40    and the use of her por[t]ion before bequeathed until such time as
41    She shalbe married Jt[e]m J bequeth to Thomas Rolfe
43    and Alice his wife one Cowe and to John Rolfe his Son
44    my godson Two Ewes Jt[e]m to John Pointer my black Cloke
45    that I were and my russet hosen that be upon my legs
46    Jt[e]m J bequeth to John srivett my servaunt my white fries
47    Coate and a paier of russet hosen that be at home And my
48    Second best Capp tenn Shepe to be sorted in Ewes wethers
49    and Teggs and a Cowe bullock Jt[e]m J give to Richarde
50    Russold my Servant Two Ewes and to ev[er]ie of my
51    godchildren xij d a peece Alsoe J will that ij s be distributed
52    in penie dole unto the poore And xij busshells whete to
53    be baked and distributed unto the poore people dwelling
54    in Whitchurch Jt[e]m J bequeth to John Smith Vicar of
55    Netherwallop xj s viij d And to Thomas Blake xij d Jt[e]m
56    J give to margarett my wife all her chamber w[i]th the
57    trussing bedstead the featherbed and all things thereuntoe
58    p[er]taining Jt[e]m J give and bequeth the lease of my Farme
59    of Whitchurch w[i]th the goods and Cattells nowe going and being
60    upon the same my debts and Legacies paide unto John Clarke
61    my younger son to holde and enioye the same all the terms of
62    yeres yet to come upon that condi[t]ion after written this
63    is to saie that he shall paie or cause to be paide to
64    margarett my Wife yerelie during her natural life tenn pounds
65    of lawfull monie of England to be levied and taken yerelie
66    of the p[r]fits coming and growing of the saide Farme goods and
67    cattells And she to have also mete drinke and lodging
68    making her choice of anie chamber w[i]thin the saide Farme for her
69    lodging during her life at her pleasure yf she remaine
70    unmarried And if my saide Son John doe die w[i]thout issue
71    male (w[hi]ch god forbid) before the yeres of my saide lease be expired
72    then J will my son Thomas Clarke to enioye the yeres
73    of my said lease to com[e] And if my said son Thomas die alsoe
    [Page 3]
74    w[hi]ch god forbid w[i]thin the yeres then J will my brother martin
75    Clarke to have and enioye my saide lease and yeres therein to
76    com[e] at his will and pleasure And everie of them to hold and
77    occupie the same w[i]th like condi[t]ions before declared to my
78    son John Clarke Alsoe J speciallie will that
79    margarett mh wife shall have and occupie the farme and
80    goods to John my son bequeathed as aforesaide Unto the
81    use and p[ro]fit of my saide son John untill he come to the
82    age of xxj tie yeres And in the mean while J will
83    that she fund him to Scole and the chardges thereof to
84    be born upon the p[ro]fits of the saide Farme The
85    residue of all my goods not bequeathed my debts paide
86    and my Legacies fulfilled and p[er]formed J give and bequeth
87    unto John Clarke my yonger Son whome J constitute
88    ordaine and make onelie to be my full and Lawfull Executor
89    of this my last Will and Test[a]m[en]t And Georg Poulett
90    Esquier John Clarke the Yonger and Martin Clarke
91    my brothers to be my ov[er]seers And to Mr Georg Powlet
92    for his paines to be taken about the same J give and
93    bequeth xx of my best Sheepe and xx of Teggs
94    alsoe that his Bailie can chuse among my Flocke
95    And to John Clarke and Martin my brothers to ev[er]ie
96    of them xj s viij d for theire paines Jn wittnes
97    whereof J have confirmed this to be my p[er]fect last will
98    and Test[a]m[en]t in the p[re]senc of John Pointer Hugh Smith
99    Thomas Blake and John Smith vicar of Netherwallop And
100    others that J called to be my witnesses for that onelie entrent

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