Monday, March 31, 2014

Wills still remaining to be transcribed

25 August 2013 I blogged the total number of wills that I still have remaining to be transcribed. I am going to do an update just to remind me of wills that I have promised to do over time and the remaining Blake wills that I am hoping to complete by the end of the year. 

Blake 486 (includes 7 only for which no place is indicated)
Abbs 1
King 17
Kingdon 1
Kip 3
Locke 7
Burges 1
Butt 1
Carter 3
Chorley-Churley-Charley 15
Coffin 3
Kent 10
Knight 2
Lambden 5
Lywood 4
Millin 3
Moggeridge-Modridg-Moggridge 12
Question 3
Quirke 1
Rawlings-Rawlins 12
Robson 2
Rolles 3
Routledge 5
Rowcliffe 6
Siderfin 3
Snowe 5
Tapp 1
Thomas 3
Upcott 3
Vicary 6

I have since then acquired a number of new wills including:

Blake at Record Offices not PCC which all the above Blake are

namely from Dorset, Hampshire, London, Westminster, Gloucestershire Record Offices

482 wills

Family Search I still have 21 wills to transcribe

Total number of wills is an amazing number:  1109 wills

A busy job ahead for me still but I remain dedicated to complete all the Blake wills that I am able to transcribe but with summer coming on I can see my time will be shortened somewhat as I have a couple of other projects that I want to complete so finishing by the end of December for the PCC wills might work but definitely not for all the new wills that I have acquired.

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Philip Moggridge said...

Thank you Elizabeth on your comment regarding Mogridge Wills - I look forward to reading them. I can see you have a mammoth task with the number of wills you have to do. You may also like to know I totally agreed with your blog post on 'Sensationalism used as a means of selling books'. Although I feel any information I have found should be shared for the benefit of others - I detest those people that take the information, without thanks or acknowledgement, and claim it as their own! Keep up the good work.