Monday, November 2, 2015

1939 Register for the UK

I wanted to check out this register to see if my great grandmother Maria Jane Blake had survived to this time period. I knew that she outlived her husband Edward Blake (died in 1916) and that she can be found with her daugher Sarah who was widowed during the First World War and later married and lived in Upper Clatford where she taught school. Sarah lived into the early 1980s and still corresponded with my father (her nephew) until not long before her death. Unfortunately her letters have not survived at least I do not have them.

I do have a picture of Sarah taken in the 1950s. There were pictures of all of my grandfather's sisters but they have disappeared since I was married (in 1966). A tragic loss perhaps as no one else appears to have kept their pictures either. I can vaguely recall them possibly because one of them did actually look like me. His one sister Mary Elizabeth and I did appear to be somewhat alike. She was actually called Mary Elizabeth so always found that story very interesting.

I did not find my great grandmother on the register although there was one individual that is a possibility. I have already purchased ten certificates hoping that one of them was Maria Jane Blake (nee Knight) but no luck thus far. I had more or less decided not to purchase any more but may do yet another on the basis of the results of my search! I haven't purchased any credits yet because none of my close family is going to be on that list. By then all were in Canada. I will have second cousins and more on the list however and did a check to find them. There are 72 Blake results in Andover and environs. A number of them are my grandfather's first, second and third cousins.

George Blake (born 1854 according to the index) has survived to 1939 and is living in Andover MB. He was actually baptized 25 Dec 1853 at Upper Clatford and married his second cousin Ellen Blake 31 Oct 1874 at Upper Clatford. Their children (9) are also found in the register. George was my grandfather's first cousin and Ellen was his second cousin. It would appear that Ellen has not survived.

Looking at Pincombe in South Molton RD there are 21 entries. Again I recognize these names and note that none have survived that were born in the 1850s.

Looking at Buller in Birmingham CB there are 40 individuals and I wonder if any of my great grandfather's siblings have survived. It does not appear that any of his brothers have survived although there would have been just the one Charles Clement Buller whom I last have found in South Africa.

Looking at Rawlings in Andover and environs, I did find some of my grandmother's first cousins.

Looking at the Knight family in Blandford and environs, and I have found some of my great grandmothers first cousins probably still at Turnworth, Dorset.

I should also look for my grandfather\s sister Louisa in this area as she lived with her grandparents most of her life. I have not done very much work on her descendants and should do that now with this new index. I do not find Louisa although I know she lived until 1962 and died at Romsey, Hampshire. A check on Romsey does not reveal her but I do not know where she lived in between yet.

This is an opportunity to follow up on possible siblings of my great grandmother Ellen Taylor who lived in Birmingham. Nothing in particular found although they did move to Ashton under Lyne. 385 results so no rush to look at those!

Border Registration District in Cumberland has 54 Routledges. Mine left though in 1818 although some of these are probably the children of their cousins with whom they corresponded.

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