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I2a1b1a1 - S2703 further subdivided to I2a1b1a1 - Y14338

The latest ISOGG tree has now been updated for my brother's I haplogroup. This is now referred to as I2a1b1a1 with S2703 being the terminal SNP thus far. S2703 is one of the SNPs tested at BritainsDNA. Looking at their anonymized data there are 17 individuals who have tested with BritainsDNA at the time of my acquiring this chart (19 Feb 2014 - I should check for an update) and my brother shows AC for this particular snp. Of the 17 others testing for this snp and belonging to this haplogroup, five tested CC and 12 tested AC. The ancestral value for this particular SNP is CC and the derived value is AC.

I haven't looked at National Genographic summaries for a while and will check and see if there is anyone closely related who has responded. I can not find them on the site any longer. There wasn't anyone who had responded that was close to our line though.

On paper this Blake line can be traced back through my father (born at Eastleigh, Hampshire) to his father (born at Upper Clatford, Hampshire) to his father, grandfather and great grandfather (all born at Upper Clatford). My 4x great grandfather Joseph Blake was baptized at Andover (1730) son of Thomas Blake also baptized at Andover (1709) to his father Thomas baptized at Andover (1685) to his father John baptized at Andover (1649, but living at Penton Mewsey) to his father William baptized at Andover 1615 to his father William born circa 1583-5 at Andover). His father Richard was born at Knights Enham circa late 1550s to his father William born at Knights Enham circa 1510s-1520s son of Nicholas Blake who was likely born at Knights Enham circa 1480s-1490s son of Richard Blake born likely at Knights Enham circa 1450s-1460s son of Robert Blake who likely married Maude Snell by the mid 1400s and left his will in 1520 living at Knights Enham. Robert was quite elderly when he left his will. His son Richard died within that next year leaving his will in 1521 and mentioning his son Robert and possibly his son Nicholas still working on that transcription from Latin. That would have Robert born circa 1420s-1430s and writing it down I hadn't really looked at that possible years of birth as being quite so early. There are records of Blake at Andover in the early 1300s and linking this Robert back to that John Blake is something I would like to work on.

BritainsDNA records this particular haplogroup I-S185 as an ancient one to the British Isles labeling them Deer Hunters and beonging to S185 in their nomenclature, this SNP is called L161 by FT DNA. This is the furtherest down the SNP tree that FT DNA is displaying thus far. In between L161 and L1498 is found S2639 for which my brother is derived.  ISOGG has added the S2703 below L1498 and on the BritainsDNA website they list S2640 as the furtherest subdivision for this group. S2643 is L1498 according to the YFULL tree and L1498 is tested by FT DNA but not yet listed on the tree there as mentioned.

The YFull tree has under L1498 two divisions Y3749 (S2640 (derived for my brother (in the anonymized study there are 6 ancestral and 11 derived members) and S2703 (derived for my brother (in the anonymized study there are 6 ancestral and 11 derived members)) and Y3722 (S7703 (does not appear on the SNPS tested for my brother)). That would place my brother's results under Y3749. This is listed as forming 6500 ybp. There are further divisions under this particular branch.

Y3749 has two main branches Y14338 (S2627) and Y3722. Checking the BritainsDNA results for S2627 and the result for my brother is derived thus placing him further under this subgrouping into Y14338 which does not yet have a name on the ISOGG tree. This haplogroup is most commonly found in the Republic of Ireland (Connaught) but also found sparsely in southern England (Devon/Somerset/Dorset/Wiltshire/Hampshire). A lot of interesting material to be found on this haplogroup in the future perhaps. I probably should do a Full Genome on my brother one of these days. That is on the backburner in my mind. I am thinking of soon doing AncestryDNA on my two brothers and then bringing the one brother who has not tested Family Finder into FT DNA to have him there.

The results for S2627 on Britains DNA have values of GG for ancestral and AA for derived. Of the 17 samples in the anonymized data only my brother is derived with the other 16 members being ancestral. For the moment then he would appear to be defining the Y14338 branch of the I2a1b1a1 haplogroup. This branch at 6500 ybp is interesting because his nearest match in the Blake study (there are two actually), is likely separated from him by this timeframe given the differences between them on 111 markers. This is perhaps saying that my ancestral line stopped in this Hampshire area on the trek towards the coast then of Doggerland/British Isles about 6500 years ago and the other branch continued on towards the western coast of the continent which then extended much farther out into the Atlantic Ocean but with the frquency of this group highest in the Connaught area in modern times (6500 years is a long time!). Perhaps that individual produced more male offspring than the one left behind in Hampshire thus resulting in much greater numbers. Always very interesting looking at the results of this haplogroup every six months or so as time moves onward and backwards as it turns out!

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