Monday, November 2, 2015

Increase the taxes is probably the answer

I wrote the following to the member for Orleans for the Provincial Parliament and similar ones to the Premier and the Health Minister where Health Care was concerned.

To date I have not yet had a reply and the first was sent over a month ago now.

I wrote earlier and have yet to hear back so decided to write this on my own email.

1. Cuts to Doctors and Hospitals
I am concerned at the cuts to physicians but also to hospitals. I think the obvious answer is simply to increase the Health Tax 5% for the next four years in order to help offset the increasing cost of health care. Everything has gone up in price since the tax was originally created so obviously that tax should increase as well. It is a graded tax depending on income so should not place that much extra burden on those in lower income brackets. Having worked in the hospital during the time of the last attempt to cut funding to physicians and hospitals, I urge you to find a different way to manage the province's finances; balancing the books on the backs of the physicians and cutting hospital services is not the way.

2. Sale of Hydro One
Ontario Taxpayers paid to establish Hydro One; it belongs to the people of Ontario and should remain that way. The future taxpayers should benefit from it being provincially owned and I strongly urge that the projected sale however small in terms of share offerings not occur. Find a different way to raise money - it is called raising taxes! Although I tend to be a conservative supporter I did vote for ex Premier McGuinty when he ran because his platform was sound; I continued to support him because he brought in the Health Tax which we needed to protect the infrastructure of our hospitals and to keep our doctors in Ontario. I must admit the gas power plants which caused a loss of a billion dollars was and continues to be the fault of the present/past Liberal  government and attempting to balance the books and find revenue by selling a public company paid for by the taxpayers of Ontario leaves us at risk of private stockholders wanting to increase dividends in the future by increasing our electrical costs. Just increase the taxes when money is needed. Feathering the nest of the already rich is not my idea of how to best benefit all the citizens of Ontario.

3.  Budget
The full and complete budget should be made available online every time that one is presented prior to it being passed and public participation welcomed. We are a democracy and lets ensure that the people are heard and not trampled by government.

Wow, two such posts within a week of each other. I really prefer not to be political in my blog but the present provincial government is becoming much too dictatorial in my opinion. They know that the opposition parties are in disarray and if they think they won the last election they should look again and realize that the other two parties lost it; they were the alternative and it would appear for worse rather than better! Hopefully our young people, who can not get jobs, will go into politics and force out these people who are shortsighted in their view of Ontario. Taking from one lucrative section to put money into infrastructure for just one small area of the province is not good thinking and totally unfair to the larger part of the province. 

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