Monday, November 16, 2015

Mission in Syria/Iraq and 25,000 refugees

Once I have gotten started on my political soapbox I guess I might as well as not get it out of my system.

I think that Prime Minister Trudeau is right to bring home the CF-18s. Our role as mentors is really where we want to be. I do not think we have to explain it at all. We also have a Field Hospital in Kuwait which we should continue I believe.

Bringing in the 25,000 refugees, I am in agreement. I realize that we will need to be cautious because these terrorists do not have any values with regard to decency. They live in some sort of a world where their rules and interpretation of the sacred Koran are right and everyone else including other Muslims are wrong. They are the Nazis of the 21st Century. Their tactics are so similar: beat them until they succumb; frighten them until they are afraid to resist and then force them to do what the terrorists want done. No wonder the Syrians are fleeing in such great numbers.

Hopefully as the refugees become part of a new society they will respect the existing society and not expect society to tune themselves into their way of life. We must merge if we want to survive as a democratic society.

Perhaps now I can get back to my genealogical studies. I voted for this party because I liked what they were saying. I have to be honest if I am buying my passport I would find it uncomfortable to be sold that passport by someone wearing a burka. It is such an impersonal garment and we are used to at least being able to see the person to whom we are handing our documents. But becoming a Canadian, if you have identified yourself properly, then I do not care what you wear to become a Canadian. One hopes it would just simply be appropriate for such a momentous occasion.

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