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Margaret Brockhouse (1754 - 1837)

52 Ancestor Challenge - Challenge 49

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A Margaret Brockhouse was baptized 22 Sep 1754 at Rugeley Staffordshire the daughter of Charles Brockhouse and Ann Lea who were themselves married 23 Jan 1748 at Rugeley.

Charles and Ann Brockhouse baptized a number of children at Rugeley:

Charles baptized 8 Jul 1750
Sarah baptized 14 Mar 1752
Margaret baptized 22 Sep 1754 (and I think married to John Welch 16 Feb 1783 at Rugeley)
John baptized 15 May 1757
William baptized 7 Sep 1760
Hannah baptized 7 Feb 1762
Esther baptized 4 May 1766
Joseph baptized 10 Jul 1768

I have mentioned the ancestry of William son of Margaret and John in John Welch's 52 Ancestor Challenge. I would like to look at Charles Brockhouse and Ann Lea to see if I can learn anymore about this couple. 

Ann (Lea) Brockhouse was buried 24 Mar 1814 at Rugeley. I do not yet have a burial for Charles Brockhouse. There are three burials on Find My Past  at Rugeley for Charles:

Charles Brockhouse buried 31 Oct 1793
Charles son of Charles and Ann Brockhouse buried 23 Jul 1773
Charles Brockhouse buried 20 Jan 1750

The first one is likely this Charles Brockhouse and the next two are sons of Charles and Ann who died young. 

But what of Charles baptism and his parents? I do have a Charles Brockhouse baptized at Lichfield son of John Brockhouse 12 Oct 1721. LIchfield is eight miles from Rugeley which does trouble me somewhat. Is this my Charles? Unfortunately his death record does not record his age at death. Looking at the Rugeley records John Brockhouse baptized a daughter Margaret 3 May 1724. When I do a search on Brockhouse and Rugeley I receive 110 hits at Find My Past between 1697 and the 1970s. The location for these records is Lichfield or Rugeley. Brockhouse does not appear to be a common surname and looking at the profile for this surname (listed as a locational name):

frequency in 1881 was 126 and 188 in 1998 with an occurrence of 5 per million.  

According to the World profiler it continues to be a West Midlands surname with the top cities in England being Bolton, Birmingham, Dudley, Leeds and Coventry. 

Doing a further search on Find My Past there are 46 results for individuals born between 1715 and 1735.This includes all three of the Charles reference mentioned earlier plus the marriage of Charles Brockhouse and Ann Lea 23 Jan 1748 at Rugeley.

I have found four baptisms with John Brockhouse as father earlier:

William baptized 26 Mar 1719 at Lichfield
John baptized 2 Aug 1719 at Lichfield
Charles baptized 12 Oct 1721 at Lichfield
Margaret baptized 3 May 1724 at Rugeley

Does this imply that there are two John Brockhouse baptizing children at Lichfield or simply a late baptism for the eldest child William? Is there a John Brockhouse at Lichfield and a John Brockhouse at Rugeley?

There is a burial of Margaret Brockhouse daughter of John and Sarah Brockhouse 31 Jan 1738. I do not know the name of John Brockhouse's wife in my records and this is a first find for Margaret Brockhouse's burial (the baptism only lists her father). 

Looking at Ancestry online trees and most have taken this line back from John Brockhouse with parents Humphrey Brockhouse or Brockhurst married to Elizabeth Rogers 19 May 1657 at Lichfield. The marriage lines definitely read Brockhurst. They did baptize a number of children with some of them being baptized at Aldridge (Aldridge is 8 miles from Lichfield, 12 miles from Rugeley). The online trees appear to manufacture a John as son of this couple as there isn't a place of baptism for this child but there is a date 5 May 1670. Find My Past yields eleven entries for a John Brockhouse and 14 for John Brockhouse with variants on the surname. The three variants are not helpful as they are B. (2 times) and B?Lock. Three of the entries refer to the marriage of John Brockhouse and Margaret Wood in 1692. The other entries are for burials with 2 at Wallsall (1692 and 1707), five at Rugeley (1726, 1726, 1732, 1733 and 1759), and one at Cannock (1756). 

Walsall is 13 miles from Rugeley, ten miles from Lichfield, 8 miles from Cannock and 3 miles from Aldridge. Cannock is 7 miles from Rugeley. 

Checking for possible baptisms for a John Brockhouse in Staffordshire. 

John Brockhouse baptized 17 Jul 1706 at Walsall so perhaps accounts for the burial in 1707. 

John Brockhouse baptized 3 Oct 1740 at Rugeley son of William and Hannah Brockhouse
John Brockhouse baptized 4 Apr 1773 at Cannock son of Thomas and Ann Brockhouse
John Brockhouse baptized 7 Apr 1695 at Rugeley son of John and Margaret Brockhouse

John Brockhouse married Margaret Wood 27 Apr 1692 at Rugeley

John and Margaret Brockhouse baptized four children at Rugeley (from parish records filmed at Family History Library):

Margaret baptized 31 Dec 1693 and buried 15 Jan 1693/94
John baptized 7 Apr 1695
William baptized 26 Nov 1697
Joan baptized 14 Jul 1700

Continuing to look at

No marriages found for William and Hannah Brockhouse or Thomas and Ann Brockhouse.

This is the first time that I have found a John Brockhouse baptized 3 Oct 1740 at Rugeley son of William and Hannah Brockhouse. Is it possible that he is the John Brockhouse who married Margaret Wood in 1692. He would be 52 so not likely but still possible. Will leave that thought for another day. This couple did name a son William and a son John. 

The parents of Margaret Wood could be William Woode married to Esabell Diram 25 Aug 1650 at Rugeley with William Woode possible being the William baptized 23 Apr 1628 at Rugeley son of Anthony Woode (information gleaned at Salt Lake City in 2008).Checking for baptism for Margaret Wood on Find My Past. There are 87 results for Margaret Wood (with variations on the surname included in the search). None of these results are at Rugeley. There is a marriage of William Wood and Esobell Diran at Rugeley in 1650. 

Checking for Margaret Wood. 

Margt. Wood baptized 15 Feb 1666/67 at Rugeley daughter of William Wood

Wm. Wood baptized 23 Dec 1632 at Rugeley 

Interesting looking at this family eight years after visiting Salt Lake City where I found all the original information that I had on this family. Now I can pull it up on, Find My Past and Family Search. Genealogy has moved along and for the most part I have use electronic means of finding data but I have also visited many many repositories in the last 11 years. 

Marriage of Wm Wood and Esabell Diram 25 Aug 1650 at Rugeley (with alternate spellings of Esobell Diran presented).  

Can I claim the John Brockhouse baptized 1695 at Rugeley as the father of Charles Brockhouse baptized 12 Oct 1721 at Saint Mary Lichfield? Have I shown enough proof that the father of this Charles was John. Indeed is the Charles Brockhouse baptized 12 Oct 1721 at St Mary Lichfield the same Charles who married Ann Lea 23 Jan 1748 at Rugeley? I know my line coming down from Margaret Brockhouse who married John Welch 16 Feb 1783 at Rugeley. Is she the daughter of Charles Brockhouse and Ann Lea?

The old argument of there isn't anyone else named Charles used to be an effective one. Is it still? Do I have any family finder matches with descendant members of the Brockhouse family. Charles and Ann baptized 9 children at Rugeley although I have not traced any of them down so that is perhaps a next step for me looking at this family.

Having checked the registers manually for the Brockhouse family at Rugeley I feel confident that this Charles is the father of Margaret. But I need to work on this family sometime in the future and bring some of these lines down closer to the present to find matches with autosomal DNA. 

Ancestry of Margaret Brockhouse:

1. Elizabeth BLAKE
2. Helen Louise PINCOMBE (b 18 Oct 1916) - Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
3. Ellen Rosina BULLER (b 20 May 1886) - Birmingham Warwickshire England
4. Edwin Denner BULLER (b 8 Apr 1850) - Birmingham Warwickshire England
5. Ann WELCH (b 4 Jan 1820) - Ashby de la Zouch Leicester England
6. William WELCH (b 11 Nov 1792) - Rugeley Staffordshire England
7. Margaret BROCKHOUSE (b 22 Sep 1754) - Rugeley Staffordshire England

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