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Will of Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake, Eccles Street, Dublin, Ireland - The National Archives PROB 11/1666, probated 26 Feb 1823

I located the will of Elizabeth Hamilton, sister of the present testator, Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake. That may help to locate this testator in terms of her state (i.e. married, spinster).

According to Elizabeth Hamilton’s will she was a spinster at the time of writing the will. She lived at Harrowgate, Yorkshire. She mentions her sister Katherine Blake.

In that I am mostly interested in the Blake surname I will not continue investigating this Blake line as I can not find the marriage of Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake.

Elizabeth Hamilton’s will was proved twice, once by Mary Anne and Elenor Crawford 25 Sep 1816 and following their deaths by Steward Crawford the 7th July 1821.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 15 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1666
Name of testator: Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake
Place: Eccles Street, Dublin, Ireland
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 23 Nov 1822, probated 26 Feb 1823

[In margin] Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake 9
[Top] Extracted from the Registry of his Majestys Court of Prerogative in Ireland

1    I Katherine Blake at present
2    residing in Eccles Street Dublin being blessed be God in
3    tolerable health and in possession of all my faculties aware
4    of the uncertain continuance of these mercies and of life
5    itself think it my duty to make this my last will and
6    Testament which I write with my own hand and declare
7    to be as follows in consequence of the lamented decease of
8    my beloved relatives Mary Anne and Elenor Crawford
9    who by the will of my late Sister Elizabeth Hamilton
10    were appointed heirs and successors at my death to her
11    moiety of a sum in the Navy five per Cent Government
12    Stock I consider that the disposal of said stocks reverts to me
13    as her nearest of kin together with my own moiety of
14    said property which was held by my Sister as my trustee
15    as appears by the will of my said Sister I therefore bequeath
16    to the Reverend Thomas Crawford and to John Crawford
17    the brothers of the late Mary Ann and Elenor Crawford
18    that Moiety of joint property which was by the will of my
19    late Sister bequeathed to the said Mary Ann and Eleanor
20    Crawford to be divided between the said Thomas and John
21    Crawford share and share alike I bequeath to the Reverend
22    Thomas Crawford the sum of four hundred pounds to be
23    paid out of my Moiety of property as above described but
24    now by Act of parliament removed into the four per Cents
25    and held for my benefit in the name of Stewart Crawford
26    Esquire of Bath surviving trustee and Executor to the Will
27    of my late Sister I bequeath to my Cousin John Crawford
28    the whole residue of my Moiety of property as already
29    mentioned as being in the four per Cents I also bequeath
30    to the said John Crawford the whole amount of my
31    property in the three per Cent Government Stock in England
32    which was vested by my desire in May 1819 in the name
33    of Mary Anne and Eleanor Crawford as acting trustees to
34    the Will of my late Sister Elizabeth Hamilton the said
35    bequest to remain subject to an annuity of ten pounds per
36    annum to my Cousin Ann Crawford during the term of
37    her life to be regularly paid by her Nephew the said John
38    Crawford my Books plate prints with all articles of household
39    furniture of which I may die possessed I leave to my Cousins
40    the Reverend Thomas Crawford and John Crawford
41    excepting such as I may hereafter specify to be equally divided
42    between them or sold as they may think fit I desire that all
43    my debts including death fees and funeral expences shall
44    be discharged as soon as possible after my death and after
45    which I constitute my Cousin John Crawford residuary
46    Legatee to my remaining property inpowering him as
47    Executor to this my will to enforce payment of whatever
48    sum or sums may be due to me at the time of my death
49    and it is my request that he will accept and discharge the
50    office of Executor to this my Will which I doubt not he will
51    most faithfully perform
52    Bartholomew Maziere of No 6 Hardwich Street in
53    the County of the City of Dublin Esquire make the oath
54    on the holy Evangelists and saith that he knew and was
55    well acquainted with Katherine Blake late of Eccles
56    Street in the County of the City of Dublin aforesaid deceased
57    and with her usual Character and manner of handwriting
58    having often seen her write and deponent having carefully
59    viewed perused and examined a paper Writing hereunto annexed
60    purporting to be the last Will and Testament or Testamentary
61    disposition in Writing of said deceased beginning “I Katherine Blake
62    at present residing in Eccles Street Dublin” and ending “which I
63    doubt not he will most faithfully perform” saith that every word
64    letter and figure in said will or Testamentary disposition in writing
65    is all of the proper handwriting of the said Katherine Blake
66    deceased to the best of deponents Judgement and belief Bartholomew
67    Maziere Sworn this 23rd day of November 1822 before us I Radcliff
68    Proved at London 26th February 1823 before the worshipful
69    Jesee Addams doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the Oath of John
70    Crawford Doctor of Medicine the sole Executor to whom Admon
71    was granted limited so far only as concerns all the Right Title
72    and Interest of her the said Katherine otherwise Catherine
73    Blake deceased in and to all her separate Estate and Effects over
74    which she had a disposing power by virtue of a certain deed
75    of Separation bearing date the 10th day of July 1787 and hath
76    disposed of accordingly and all benefit and advantage to be
77    had received and taken there from but no further or otherwise
78    being first sworn duly to administer

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