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Will of Peter Bodkin otherwise Peter Bodkin Blake, Town of Galway, Ireland - The National Archives PROB 11/1232, probated 4 May 1793

Peter Bodkin Blake’s will is below and the remainder of the files are letters that he wrote (annexed as codicils) and reading through them the only comments that prove to be interesting are the references to Sir Walter Blake (10th Baronet). These references do not add anything to my knowledge of the Blake family at Galway. I have only transcribed the original will, one codicil of six and the probate.

There are a number of Bodkin-Blake marriages in the Blake family at Galway.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 15 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1232
Name of testator: Peter Bodkin otherwise Peter Bodkin Blake
Place: Town of Galway, Ireland now residing in England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 7 May 1787, probated 4 May 1793

[In margin] Peter Bodkin otherwise Peter Bodkin Blake

1    In the Name of God Amen
2    I Peter Bodkin commonly called Peter Bodkin Blake of
3    the Town of Galway in the Kingdom of Ireland but
4    now resident in England Gent do make this my last
5    Will and Testament in my own handwriting in
6    manner following that is to say Declaring that I
7    am a Protestant having duly conformed to that
8    Religion in the said Kingdom of Ireland I order
9    that my Body may be decently buried in the Parish
10    wherever I may die and as to such worldly Substance
11    as God has Pleased to bless me with I hereby dispose
12    of the same in manner following my just debts
13    and Funeral expence being first paid (that is to say) I
14    Give unto my Brother Francis Bodkin one shilling I
15    give unto William Greny Son to Thomas Greny of
16    Greginore in the County of Galway in Ireland deceased
17    my Bed and every thing else of mine which shall be
18    in my apartment in the said Town of Galway I
19    Give unto my Nephew and Niece Nicholas Brown and
20    his Sister Jane Brown one shilling each I Give unto
21    my two Nephews Ambrose Bodkin and Hyacinth Bodkin
22    of Kilbroge in the County of Galway in Ireland one
23    hundred pounds each of English money to be paid to
24    them respectively without Interest by my Executors herein
25    after named at their respective ages of twenty one
26    years but not sooner than two years next after my
27    decease and I direct that in case either of my said
28    two Nephews Ambrose and Hyacinth Bodkin shall
29    die before he shall attain the age
30    of twenty one years or sooner than two years next
31    after my decease the share of him so dying shall go
32    to the survivor of them payable also without Interest
33    at the age of twenty one years but not sooner than
34    two years next after my decease and in case both
35    my said Nephews shall die under the said age of
36    Twenty one years or sooner than two years next
37    after my decease I do give the said two several sums
38    of one hundred  and one hundred pounds unto my
39    worthy friend William Pollard of St Swithins Lane
40    London Merchant to whom I owe infinite obligations for
41    the Singular Services he has rendered to me I Give
42    unto my said Nephew Hyacinth Bodkin his heirs
43    Executors and administrators my two Leasehold houses
44    in the West Sabbt of Galway the one in the occupation of
45    Bartholomew Kelly and the other in the occupation of
46    Thomas Bursee he paying the Rent reserved by and
47    performing the covenants on the Tenant or Lessees part
48    contained in the Lease under which I hold the same
49    I Give unto Mr John Cologan of London Merchant
50    one of the Parties in trade with the said William
51    Pollard One hundred pounds Sterling to be raised and paid
52    to him within two years next after my decease and
53    I direct that the said Legacies to my Nephews Ambrose
54    and Hyacinth Bodkin and John Cologan amounting
55    together to three hundred pounds Sterling shall be
56    raised when payable by Sale of One hundred and
57    forty two pounds of the Capital Stock of the English
58    United East India Company which shall be standing in
59    my Name at my decease and the deficiency that may
60    be to make up or compleat the said sum of three hundred
61    pounds I direct that the same shall be raised out of
62    the Dividends of my said East India Stock which shall
63    become due after my decease and as to the residue of
64    the said East India Stock I direct the same shall continue
65    Standing in my Name so long as the said East India
66    Company shall exist and that the dividends to arise
67    thereby During the life of the said William Pollard
68    shall be received by him for his own use and after his
69    death the said dividends shall belong to such persons
70    as he shall by Will direct and in default of such
71    direction to his Executors or Administrators I direct that
72    the sum of three per cent Consolidated English Bank
73    Annuities which shall be standing in my name at my
74    decease shall continue standing therein during the existence
75    of the said Fund and that the dividends to arise thereby
76    during the life of my good friend Mr James Cooper the
77    other partner in trade with the said William Pollard
78    shall be received by him the said James Cooper for hi
79    own use and after his death the dividends of the said
80    Bank Annuities shall belong to such persons as he
81    shall by Will direct and in default of such direction then
82    to his Executors or Administrators I Give unto my said
83    Nephew Ambrose Bodkin his Executors and Administrators
84    a debt due from Richard Martin of Galway or Kentville
85    in the County of the Town of Galway aforesaid which
86    stand Secured by a Bond and Warrant of Attorney dated
87    respectively the Twenty second of January One thousand
88    Seven hundred and Eighty one to me for One hundred
89    and Twenty three pounds two shillings Sterling with all
90    the Interest that may be due thereon at the time of
91    my decease and as to all the residue of my Estate and
92    Effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature
93    or kind soever as were real or personal I Give devise
94    and Bequeath the same unto the said William
95    Pollard his heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns
96    and to and for his and their own use and benefit
97    and in case the said John Cologan William Pollard
98    and James Cooper or any or either of them shall
99    refuse or decline to accept of any or either of the
100    Legacies and Bequests in this my Will give to
101    them as aforesaid then it is my will and desire and
102    I do hereby Give and Bequeath such of the said
103    Legacies as shall be so refused unto the Treasurer for
104    the time being of Greens Hospital to be applied by
105    him towards the support of the Seaman belonging to
106    the said Hospital and I do hereby constitute and appoint
107    the said William Pollard and James Cooper Executors of
108    this my Will and in case they shall both refuse
109    or decline the Execution of this my Will
110    then I appoint the Treasurer for the time being of
111    the said Hospital Sole Executor of this my Will
112    and revoking all former Wills by me at any time
113    heretofore made I do publish and declare this to
114    be my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof
115    I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Seventh
116    day of May One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty
117    Seven Peter Bodkin Blake Signed Sealed
118    published and Declared by the said Peter Bodkin Blake
119    the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in
120    the presence of us who in his presence at his request
121    and in the presence of each other have thereto set
122    our Names as witnesses thereto Iona Thompson
123    J[onathan] Bugg Sarah Grant
124    Messrs Cologan Pollard and Hooper Galway the 30th May 1791
125    Gentleman I received your most esteemed favour of 9th
126    July last you insist I should let you know the
127    charge on the Bill on Curly It was wrote on the
128    protest thereof 6 shillings and 6 pence Irish making 6 [shillings]
129    English money with which I debit account I am
130    heartily sorry for the death of our mutual very good
131    friend Mr John Thompson Tis well he sent you my
132    Will previous to his death I am glad you think any
133    alteration I Will by Letter make in said will is binding
134    according to Law I beg you’l open and read said Will
135    Hyacinth Bodkin ye younger Brother of Ambrose
136    Bodkin mentioned in said will died in Dublin in Sep
137    last aged about 19 years and a half owing to his folly
138    and debauching and his Mother giving him too much
139    money tho he had a very strong constitution and the
140    older Brother Ambrose Bodkin came of age the 12th
141    Feby last who has a weak constitution yet he
142    follows as debauched a life as his said Brother
143    therefore tis thought he will  not live many years
144    unfortunately he take pleasure in boasting he can
145    bear drinking 3 or 4 bottles of wine after dinner
146    which he frequently does Soon after he came of age
147    I wrote him a Letter stating how I had a demand
148    to his and formerly my deceased Fathers Estate of £500
149    pds or by my giving Credit for £200 I received from my
150    Father for my age of 17 years to my age of 21 years in small payments in
151    that there remained at least 800 pds due to me as
152    the remainder of my childs portion this letter was
153    delivered to him by my Sister in Law his Mother who
154    thought my demand just and reasonable he did not give
155    her or to me a satisfactory answer therefore he shall
156    get no Legacy by me I hereby order desire and will that
157    the two hundred pounds sterling and everything else
158    which I willed and ordered for my Nephews Ambrose
159    and Hyacinth Bodkin in my said Will be given to Mr
160    William Pollard one of the Executors to my said Will
161    or to his issue or heirs payable in like manner as I
162    had ordered and willed it to be paid to my said
163    Nephews Ambrose and Hyacinth Bodkin I beg you’l
164    not answer this Letter directed to Galway for fear your
165    Letter should be opened by mistake as I would chuse
166    to keep this affair secret I intend soon to go to
167    Dublin from where I will write in form to Mr
168    William Pollard and to Mr James Cooper Executors to
169    my said Will I now write you this alteration in my
170    said will for fear death or my accedance should
171    happen me in my journey to Dublin I have this
172    day drawn a Bill on you at 21 days sight in
173    favour of the Right honourable David Larouche and Co for
174    £57 pounds which I entreat you’l please to honor
175    being on account of one years dividends due to me
176    last Xmas on my £512 pds etc India Stock and also on
177    my £500 pds Stock in the Bank Consolidated Annuities
178    I hope the dividends continued at 8 per cent on the
179    India Stock notwithstanding the great War at present
180    in the East Indies my next Letter to you or to the
181    Executors of my last Will I hope will be soon from Dublin
182    In the Interim I am most affectionately Gentleman
183    your most obedient humble Servant Peter Bodkin Blake
184    P.S. I say the Bill I have drawn on you this Day is
185    for fifty Seven pounds Sterl: Galway the 30th May
186    1791 Peter Bodkin Blake
187    This Will was proved at London with Six
188    Codicils the Fourth day of May in the year of our Lord
189    One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety three before the
190    Worshipful John Fisher Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the
191    Right honorable Sir Willian Wynne Knight and also Doctor of
192    Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative
193    Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oaths of
194    William Pollard and James Cooper Esquires two of the
195    Executors named in the Fourth Codicil to whom Administration
196    was Granted of all and singular the Goods Chattels and
197    Credits of the deceased having been first sworn duly to
198    administer power reserved of making the like Grant to
199    John Cologan Esquire the other Executor named in the
200    fourth Codicil when he shall apply for the same

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