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Will of Samuel Blake, Isle of Man - The National Archives PROB 11/1989, provated 1 Dec 1843

Tuttington Hall was the seat of Edward Blake Esquire. It is located near Aylsham, Norfolk. Edward Blake, esquire, buried there aged 57 the 10th Sep 1857. His baptism can be found in the Quaker Birth/Marriage/Death Registers and he was baptized  (born 15 Jan 1800) at Saviours Norwich, Norfolk son of Dodshon Blake and Sarah. Dodshon Blake is a Linnen Manufacturer. The Death Duty Registers name Robert Blake as the executor of Edward Blake (1858).

Dodshon Blake was listed in the Bankrupt Directory 1820-1843 and the date 3 May 1842, page 41. He was a mohair manufacturer and merchant.

I could not find the birth of Samuel Blake in the same register but the probate definitely links Samuel back to this family as does his will.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 24 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1989
Name of testator: Samuel Blake
Place: Isle of Man
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 3 Mar 1842, probated 1 Dec 1843

[In margin] Samuel Blake 5

1    I Samuel Blake in making this my last Will
2    and Testament do hereby bequeath to my beloved Wife Elizabeth
3    Blake being myself in sound mind the sum of Four hundred pounds
4    British now in the hands of my brother Edward Blake of Tuttington
5    Hall Norfolk as my Trustee and formaly in the hands of the said
6    Edward Blake and my Father Dobson Blake now deceased as Trustees
7    for me and my heirs the said Elizabeth Blake to have and to hold
8    the said Four hundred pounds British with interest therefrom during
9    the natural life of her the said Elizabeth Blake and in default of
10    issue by me the said Samuel Blake the said Four hundred pounds
11    to go to my brother the said Edward Blake and his heirs for ever
12    in case of issue lawfully begotten of my body the said four hun-
13    dred pounds to go to and be equally divided among such my heirs
14    at the death of the said Elizabeth Blake And I also do hereby appoint
15    Thomas Sale Surgeon of Athol St Douglas to be my sole Executor
16    Signed sealed and delivered this 3rd day of March in the year of our
17    Lord one thousand Eighteen hundred and forty two In presence of
18    Samuel Blake Hugh Cannell Thos Potter John Kelly
19    Appeared Personally Thomas Potter of St Johns Kirk
20    German in the Isle of Mann publican and made oath that he is one
21    of the subscribed witnesses to the last Will and Testament of Samuel
22    Blake late of Kirk German in the Isle of Man deceased bearing
23    date the third day of March in the year of our Lord Eighteen hund
24    red and forty two And he further made oath that on the third day
25    of March one thousand eight hundred and forty two aforesaid the said
26    Tester for duly executed his said will by signing his name at the foot
27    er and thereof in the presence of this deponent and of Hugh Cannell
28    and John Kelly (the other subscribed Witnesses thereto) all of whom
29    were present at the same time and this deponent and the said Hugh
30    Cannell and John Kelly thereupon attested and subscribed the said Will
31    in the presence of the said Testator Thos Potter On the Eleventh
32    day of October 1843 the said Thomas Potter was duly sworn to the
33    truth of this Affidavid by virtue of the annexed Requisition Before
34    me Francis B Hartwell Vicar German Surrogate For Ledar Vellan
35    On the 1st December 1843 Admon (with the will annexed) of the Goods
36    Chattels and Credits of Samuel Blake late of Saint John’s Kirk German in
37    the Isle of Man deceased was granted to Edward Blake Esquire the
38    natural and lawful Brother having been first sworn by Commission
39    duly to administer No Residuary Legatee Elizabeth Blake widow the
40    Relict and Sarah Blake Widow the natural and lawful Mother and
41    next of kin having respectively renounced the Letters of Admon (with
42    the said Will annexed) of the Goods of the said deceased Thomas Sale
43    the sole Executor having renounced the probate and execution of the
44    said will

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