Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blake Wills

I didn't rework Richard Blake's will of 1622 when I was doing all of my revisions a couple of months ago so decided to do that yesterday and this morning. Although I didn't particularly learn anything new, I could see a few things that I missed earlier. One individual in his will, his youngest son John has often escaped my notice. He married Rebecca Tytcom 31 May 1641 and the dates of baptism for two children are Rebecka 22 Jun 1644 and Thomas 3 May 1661 with father John. Are these both their children? I have yet to find proof for that but may in the wills I brought back. Is this the Thomas that married Mary Spring 6 Nov 1708 or is it the Thomas baptized 21 Feb 1685 also at Andover? Because Mary Spring was only 16 years old when she married I have tended towards Thomas baptized 1685 as the likely husband but Mary was the only surviving child of Richard Spring and Jone Watkins and there is that strong possibility that as the heiress of Richard Spring she may have married the older Thomas Blake. I keep that thought on the back burner and perhaps these wills might answer that question.

I have only reached the 1640s for marriages at Andover and the 1650s for the baptisms in my transcriptions (burials also still in the 1640s). I need to get back to my transcription of the register as well as looking at the wills.

Since I am relooking at everything I will also open my mind to this possibility that Thomas baptized 1661 was the Thomas marrying Mary Spring 6 November 1708 at Andover rather than Thomas son of John and Elizabeth who was baptized in 1685 at Andover would have have been only 23 years old at that time.

Looking at the Visitations as well. John (married to Rebecca Tytcom) was the brother of Peter listed in the Visitations at Southampton. He is listed as being apprenticed in 1642 although Richard's will has John at Oxford. I find some strong incongruities in the Visitations on occasion.

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