Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wills and Images

I continued working on the wills yesterday and marked particular ones that will be done first for transcription. There are still a number of Blake wills to do before I look at Buller wills.

I also had to enter all my images into my excel file for images of 2010. I took nearly 700 images in total on our trip to Europe with most of them being at Kew. I still have about 400 to list the content of the image.

My husband and I started to work on the pictures and managed to complete three days worth for over a thousand images. We still have the Maritime trip to do as well from the summer. Then we can set them up as a slide show and show them to everyone at Christmas - hours and hours of viewing on a cold snowy winter's day.

Our pictures turned out very well. London was absolutely beautiful the days that we were there. Not one rainy day and we walked for miles every day. Last time we took the tube quite a bit but this time we were staying just 1/2 mile from Waterloo station and walking into London and Westminster cities was very close. Our trip to Greenwich involved taking the Tube and the Docklands Train. A most enjoyable day that was as well; perfect weather.

Just dawn here now in Ottawa - the colours are lighting up the sky. A lot of the leaves came down yesterday from the last tree to lose leaves - our maple. The locust tree was all finished dropping by the time we came home so we spent the next day raking up all of the droppings from that tree. The maple tree will give us about half of a dozen large bags plus fill the compost bins for a bit until they break down.

On to the images to get them done before we start the London/European images.

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