Monday, May 2, 2011

Audet dit Lapointe Family

Léa Lapointe married to Jean Baptiste Neveu proved to be just as difficult as Jean Baptiste Neveu had been initially. I decided to look at her siblings from the 1871 Census. Olive Lapointe is a widow and living with her are four children: Cordelia 10, Léa 8, Hyacinthe 6 and Elie 3. In 1881 again Olive Lapointe is listed with Hyacinthe and Elie. A stroke of good luck finds Olive Richer (mother in law) living with Jean Baptiste Neveu and Léa Neveu on the 1901 Census. At St Hermas, Deux Montagnes in the Church of St Jerome, Olive Richer married François Audet. In both cases they were widowed but I managed to find their first marriages:

Olive Richer married Jean Baptiste Brunet 4 Nov 1842 at St Jerome and her parents were Bernard Richer and Adelaide Proulx.

François Audet dit Lapointe married Ursule Richer 19 July 1835 and his parents were Pierre Audet dit Lapointe and Geneviève Plouff.

Léa's parents were then François dit Lapointe and Olive Richer. It was a round about way to get around not having the marriage registration for Léa Lapointe and Jean Baptiste Neveu.

Looking at the Audet family in Tanguay, I did discover that Audet-Lapointe was included in his charting. However the marriage of Pierre and Geneviève was not listed. The marriage of Pierre Audet and Geneviève Plouff was celebrated at St Martin in Laval 29 Jan 1793.

Parents of Pierre Audet were Jean François Audet and Thérèse Létourneau and this marriage is listed in Tanguay 24 Jan 1763. It is at this point that I will start to pull the marriage registration scan. Using Tanguay the father of François was also François and he married Marie Madeleine Baillargeon 19 Nov 1736 at St Laurent, Ile d'Orléans. The father of this François was again François Audet dit Lapointe married to Marguerite Bernard 3 Jun 1709 at St Laurent. The father of François was Nicolas Audet married to Madelaine Després 15 Sep 1670 at Ste Famille, Ile d'Orléans. Nicolas was born in France and is the emigrant ancestor, Madelaine was a Fille du Rois.

I can now separate the images that I have into folders with Léa Lapointe being Generation 7.

As it turns out, there are two lines of descent from Nicolas Audet with the second being from his son Jean Baptiste Audet (Odet) married to Marie Louise Godbout 16 Apr 1708 at St Laurent. Their daughter Marie Magdaleine Audet married Jacques Asselin 12 Nov 1725 at St Jean, Ile d'Orléans. This information is recorded in Tanguay and will eventually be revisited when I look at the Asselin family. Marie Magdaleine Audet is Generation 3.

My task the next day that I look at the Audet dit Lapointe family will be to collect the marriage, baptismal and burial registrations.

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