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Brockhouse of Rugeley, Staffordshire

Margaret Brockhouse married John Welch 16 Feb 1783 at Rugeley Staffordshire UK with witnesses Mary Crutchley and Thomas Ward. Neither of these two people have been applicable to my research on this family to date. Margaret was baptized at Rugeley 22 Sep 1754 the daughter of Charles and Ann Brockhouse. Charles and Ann baptized eight children at Rugeley:

Charles baptized 8 Jul 1750 and he has one son baptized at Rugeley 30 Jun 1771 (no marriage details yet).

Sarah baptized 14 Mar 1752 at Rugeley

Margaret (as above)

John baptized 15 May 1757 at Rugeley

William baptized 7 Sep 1760 at Rugeley

Hannah baptized 7 Feb 1762 at Rugeley

Esther baptized 4 May 1766 at Rugeley

Joseph baptized 10 Jul 1768 at Rugeley

The marriage of Charles Brockhouse and Ann Lea was celebrated 23 Jan 1748 at Rugeley by Bans.

There wasn't a baptism for Charles Brockhouse at Rugeley but I did find a baptism 12 Oct 1721 at Saint Mary Parish in Lichfield, Staffordshire. The name of his father was given as John Brockhouse. It is possibly significant that the second son was named John. Interestingly there were four baptisms with John listed as the father in this time period with three at Lichfield and the fourth at Rugeley.
William baptized 26 Mar 1719 at Saint Mary, Lichfield
John baptized 2 Aug 1719 at Saint Mary, Lichfield
Charles (as above)
Margaret baptized 3 May 1724 at Rugeley

Possibly he is the John Brockhouse baptized 7 Apr 1695 at Rugeley Staffordshire and the son of John Brockhouse and Margaret Wood who were themselves married 27 April 1692 at Rugeley and the following four children are baptized at Rugeley as children of John and Margaret Brockhouse.

Margaret baptized 31 Dec 1693; buried 15 Jan 1693/94 at Rugeley.
John (as above)
William baptized 26 Nov 1697 at Rugeley
Joan baptized 14 Jul 1700 at Rugeley

This family does not appear on the Land Tax Assessments and I have no idea of their occupation. I have not followed the Brockhouse family down further other than noting the son of Charles (brother to Margaret who married John Welch).

I have not checked Find My Past for the Brockhouse family for a long time. The 1841 census has 63 records, the 1851 86 records, the 1861 has 75 records, the 1871 has 75 records, the 1881 census has 126 records, the 1891 census has 161 records, the 1901 census has 161 records and the 1911 census has 202 records. There are 829 records in births 1837 - 2006. There are only three baptisms recorded two in Derbyshire and one in West Riding of Yorkshire. There are 513 marriages between 1837 and 2005 and 37 in the parish records collection which include Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, London, Yorkshire, Essex, Cornwall, Durham, Surrey, Shropshire, Northumberland, Lancashire. The earliest is 1560 in Shropshire which might be interesting in the future but I am back in the late 1600s at Rugeley. Deaths include 526 between 1837 and 2006 and 137 parish records which do actually include Staffordshire so I shall extract them for my future use. This will let me look at the Brockhouse family and help to determine if Charles at Lichfield could also be my Charles at Rugeley. The distance between these two parishes is eight miles. I have not really investigated this family name at all. I discovered this connection whilst we were at Salt Lake City.

There were 127 distinct burials records for Brockhouse on Find My Past with 15 of then at Rugeley. All "Charles Brockhouse" were buried at Rugeley. Sixty four of the 127 burials were in Staffordshire with 19 in Warwick and 20 in Worcestershire and all other counties were seven or less. Sorting on the year is interesting and I am suspicious this name is a singleton with people moving out from Staffordshire and Lancashire towards Warwickshire and Northumberland and the area south of Warwickshire.

The next Brockhouse research day I shall see if anyone has now put up family trees for this family. It would appear that with the accumulated evidence having Charles baptized at Lichfield being the Charles at Rugeley and tracing back to the earlier Brockhouse family at Rugeley should be considered.

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