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Cheatle at Ashby de la Zouch and possibly Castle Donnington

Sarah Cheatle married William Welch 24 Aug 1818 at Longdon by Lichfield as mentioned in the Welch blog yesterday. One of the witnesses at the wedding was William Cheatle. On the census Sarah always stated her place of birth as Ashby de la Zouch and the year was generally 1795. There is a baptism 27 Jan 1795 at Ashby de la Zouch of Sarah Cheatle daughter of William and Sarah Cheatle. Sarah died at Aston, Warwickshire 26 Jul 1872.

The Cheatle family is a small one on the census and having not looked at this family on Find My Past for awhile I will spend my research time today looking at the Cheatle family there. Unfortunately Leicestershire records CMBs are not yet up on Find My Past. Looking at the spelling of Cheatle plus variants 10% use the Cheatle spelling. Eventually I expect there will be CMBs on Leicester on FMP.

Looking at Leicestershire record office, I searched their catalogue (ongoing in terms of material entered in) but did not find anything helpful yet. There were five entries for Cheatle and 47 for Woodcock. I am checking Woodcock because of the interesting marriage of William Cheatle and Sarah Woodcock 23 Feb 1773 at Castle Donington. A few years ago I purchased the parish registers for Castle Donnington and Loughborough on fiche to have a look at the Cheatle families in these areas. I need to purchase more fiche and will do that on the next research day.

I did extract all the Cheatle entries that I found in the time period around the baptism of Sarah Cheatle at Ashby de la Zouch (1785 to 1804):

27 Jun 1785 Benjamin son of Benjamin Cheatle baptized
16 Apr 1787 Richard son of Benjamin and Mary Cheatle baptized
30 Sep 1789 Sarah Cheatle daughter of William and Ann Cheatle
27 Sep 1790 Ann Cheatle daughter of William and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
19 Sep 1790 John Cheatle son of Benjamin and Catherine baptized
15 Jun 1790 Simeon son of George and Ann Cheatle baptized
27 Dec 1791 Joseph son of Benjamin and Catherine Cheatle baptized
8 Apr 1793 William  son of William and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
17 June 1794 James son of Benjamin and Mary Cheatle baptized
10 Nov 1793 Sarah daughter of Benjamin and Catherine Cheatle baptized
24 Jun 1794 Mary daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
9 June 1802 William,  Elizabeth and Frances son and daughters of William and Ann Cheatle baptized
27 Jan 1795 Sarah baptized daughter of William and Sarah Cheatle
28 Mar 1804 Catherine daughter of William and Elizabeth Cheatle baptized
21 Sep 1804 Catharine daughter of Benjamin and Catharine Cheatle baptized

6 March 1786 William Cheatle and Elizabeth Sherwin both of this parish by banns
28 April 1788 Benjamin Cheatle and Katherine Adams both of this parish by banns
12 Apr 1792 Joseph Cheatle and Elizabeth Hefford both of this parish by banns

28 Aug 1781 Sarah Cheatle buried
11 April 1790 Ann Cheatle buried
31 May 1793 Sarah Cheatle buried
7 June 1793 John Cheatle buried
1803 Joseph Cheatle buried
30 Dec 1804 Catherine Cheatle buried
8 Oct 1805 Elizabeth Cheatle buried
7 Feb 1    807 Thomas Cheatle buried
20 Apr 1808 Ann Chettle buried
15 Mar 1808 Catharine Cheatle buried
11 Sep 1810 Benjamin Cheatle buried
28 Nov 1818 Elizabeth Cheatle buried 55 years
1818 Mary Cheatle buried 24 years

I learned a little from this extraction. Only three Sarahs were baptized in this time period and two of them had father George or Benjamin. Neither of these names were repeated in the family later. Sarah baptized in 1789 I eliminated as simply being too early she would have been 31 at her marriage which was possible but Sarah Cheatle Welch in the census always gave a date of birth around 1795 or within one year of that date. The person witnessing her marriage was William Cheatle and there are three possibilities for a father William - William married to Ann, William married to Sarah and William married to Elizabeth. William married to Ann is the father of Sarah baptized in 1789 so eliminated him. William married to Elizabeth; all of their children appear to have been baptized at Ashby de la Zouch  following their marriage at Ashby de la Zouch in 1786 and they were an Ann, a William and a Catherine. Although given the spread in dates it was possible but Sarah Cheatle Welch always said she was born at Ashby de la Zouch. That left me with Sarah baptized in 1795 as the daughter of William and Sarah Cheatle (they were not married at Ashby de la Zouch at least as far back as 1780. There are also two Williams baptized who could have been witnesses in 1818; William son of William and Elizabeth and William son of William and Ann. Neither of these two appeared to have named a daughter Sarah though.

I received some interesting information from another Cheatle researcher:

Ashby de la Zouch Directory in 1855

Benjamin Cheatle, farmer and butcher, Wood street
Cheatle James, butcher, Market street
Cheatle James, farmer, Old park
Cheatle Thomas, farmer and cattle dealer, Holywell farm
Cheatle William, auctioneer, Wood street
Cheatle William, farmer, Mount house
Cheatle William, pork butcher, Kilwardby street

In that the Welch family were owners of eating establishments and my Henry Christopher Buller was a pork butcher this all seems to fit for this family line that they would be known to each other. By 1855 though the father William Cheatle would have died so he is not one of these men. The William Cheatles baptized in the 1790s early 1800s would have been alive possibly so could be these men.

I also received a family chart for the William Cheatle and Elizabeth Sherwin family and she shows an extra daughter Sarah baptized in 1787 but married to a John Taylor which eliminates her anyway. Only the children baptized are shown by her and she has investigated them quite actively. I think I can eliminate myself from that family grouping which eliminates the William baptized in 1793 as well. Although my William could be a cousin to this William as her chart begins with William and Elizabeth so will not eliminate that idea of a relationship between the families as it is a relatively uncommon surname.

As well a directory of 1828 for Ashby de la Zouch lists

Cheatle Benjamin, junior, Wood street, auctioneer
Cheatle Benjamin, Wood St, Butcher
Cheatle James, Market St, Butcher
Cheatle William, Mill lane, Butcher

Putting together family groupings of the baptisms:

William Cheatle and Elizabeth Sherwin married 1786
Sarah baptized 1787 (from researcher)
Ann baptized 1790; buried 1790
William baptized 1793
Catherine baptized 1804

Benjamin Cheatle and Mary married ?

Benjamin baptized 1785
Richard baptized 1787
James baptized 1794
Benjamin Cheatle and Katherine Adams married 1788 (possibly a second marriage)
John baptized 1790; buried 1793
Joseph baptized 1791
Sarah baptized 1793
Catherine baptized 1804; buried 1804

William Cheatle and Ann ?
Sarah baptized 1789; buried 1793
William baptized 1802
Elizabeth baptized 1802
Frances baptized 1802

Joseph Cheatle and Elizabeth Hefford married 1792
Mary baptized 1794; buried 1818

William Cheatle and Sarah married ?
Sarah baptized 1795

George Cheatle and Ann married ?
Simeon baptized 1790

Separating into family lines lets me relate somewhat to the directories but does not tell me which William is mine or whether he remained in Ashby de la Zouch since Sarah married at Longdon by Lichfield in 1818 with a William Cheatle present. My correspondent traces down from William son of William and Elizabeth Cheatle and he had sons William, Thomas, James and Mark and daughters Mary and Sarah. The Sarah is interesting for this family I think but could be quite coincidental. The 1828 directory has one William on Mill Lane and he is a butcher. the 1855 directory has William, Thomas and James all involved with meat in some way or another. My correspondent has found that Benjamin Cheatle married to Mary ? and William Cheatle married to Elizabeth Sherwin were brothers as the youngest child Catherine names Benjamin as her uncle on five post civil registrations.

From another Cheatle researcher I have

Abraham Cheatle of Ashby de la Zouch married to Sarah Tompson of Swebston in 1705 (occuring on page 98 of the register).
Michael Cheatle of Long Whattong marrying Anne Skirmer of Belton in 1717 (located at B 4-33 in the register).

From a set of the fiche of the 1741 Poll book I have transcribed

Hundred        Freeholder    Freehold   
Framland        Chettle, Robert    Ab Kettleby   
Goscote East    Twiford    Chettle, William    Siston   
Guthlaxton    Knaptoft    Chettle, William    Kilworth North           
Goscote West    Donnington Castle    Chettle, John    Donnington on the Heath
Guthlaxton    Walcote    Chettle, John    Long Whatton   
Guthlaxton    Walcote    Chettle, Michael    Belton   
Sparkenhoe    Ratcliffe Cuiley    Chettle, Joseph   
Sparkenhoe    Witherley    Chettle, Richard 

From another research the Leicestershire Freeholders book of 1630

Whatton Longe, Michaell Cheatle

and from the 1719 Poll book

Witherley, Richard Cheatle

and from the Goscote West Hundred Freeholders

Beau Manor, Messuage and Land , Elizabeth Cheatle

All of these bits are interesting and might fit together later on but for the moment I have been looking at a marriage for William Cheatle and Sarah Woodcock at Castle Donington 23 Feb 1773. It is the only William and Sarah marriage that I have found thus far in the IGI and I will now start going through the Parish Registers that I have purchased thus far. I want to buy Ashby de la Zouch and a couple of others as well and that I will do on the next research day for Cheatle.

William Cheatle and Sarah Woodcock married 23 Feb 1773

Mary baptized 28 May 1775
John baptized 27 Oct 1777
Ann baptized 20 May 1780
Sarah baptized 3 Jan 1783
Elizabeth baptized 12 Jan 1786

At Ashby de la Zouch there was a Sarah Cheatle buried 31 May 1793; the priest did not note whether it was a child/adult/wife/ etc. in the register.

Also baptized at Castle Donnington  (IGI)

George Cheatle  son of John Cheatle and Ann 31 Aug 1760
William Cheatle son of Elizabeth Cheatle 6 May 1807

Marriages at Castle Donnington (IGI)

William Cheatle and Sarah Woodcock 23 Feb 1773
Mary Cheatle and David Leevers 6 Jul 1776
 Ann Cheatle and Joseph Hays 3 Nov 1778
Mary Cheatle and Francis Rayns 9 Jul 1781
George Cheatle and Mary Smith 3 Dec 1782
Thomas Cheatle and Sarah Marson 16 May 1784
Elizabeth Cheatle and Francis Bailey 31 May 1807
Ann Cheatle and John Stokes 24 Oct 1808
Ann Cheatle and Richard Wright 1 Apr 1811
Mary Cheatle and Thomas Peach 29 Oct 1811
Hannah Cheatle and William Green 27 May 1812

It is not apparent that William Cheatle and Sarah Woodcock remained at Castle Donnington.

On the Census of 1841 at at Ratby there is a William Cheatle born about 1776 and a William Cheatle born about 1796 at Ashby de la Zouch looking only at those borne before 1800.

On the census of 1851 there is a William Cheatle married to a Sarah with birth year about 1786 at Castle Donnington but living in Nottingham. There is also a William Cheatle married to Mary born about 1793 at Ashby de la Zouch and living at Ashby de la Zouch. All interesting and wets the appetite to look further but I need something to link the entries to the census and perhaps it would be to look at the land tax assessments and I will investigate to see if that is possible. In the meantime the next research day will see me start to finally look at the fiche for Castle Donnington more out of curiosity since that is the only place I have found a marriage for a William Cheatle to Sarah.

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