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Moggeridge-Mogridge family of Porlock and Wootton Courtney, Somerset

The Moggeridge/Mogridge/Moggridge/Mogeridge family has quite a variety of spellings and the one name study for this family lists a few more: Muggeridge, Mockridge, Muggridge, Mugridge. My line is found thus far in the West Somerset area in the old hundred of Carhampton namely Porlock, Wootton Courtney, Timberscombe and Selworthy. Selworthy is two miles from Porlock, Wootton Courtney is four miles from Porlock, and Timberscombe is six miles from Porlock.

 The line back into Somerset begins with Elizabeth Rew who married John Pincombe 9 Jan 1834 at Bishops Nympton. Elizabeth was born a twin and she and Charlotte were baptized 20 Dec 1801 at Minehead (their parents John Rew and Elizabeth Siderfin were farming at Bratton). I have pictures of three of my 2x great grandparents and one of these pictures is of Elizabeth. It was taken by a photographer in London ON Canada probably in the mid 1870s. Elizabeth died 7 Apr 1876 at her home in Westminster Township. She was buried in Lambeth ON in the cemetery at Trinity Anglican Church along with her husband, her second eldest son, his wife, and two grandchildren (children of her second eldest son).

It was Elizabeth's father's line that leads back to the Moggridge family. John Rew was baptized 27 Feb 1766 at Selworthy and he died 16 Jan 1848 at Sheepwash Farm, near Bishops Nympton, Devon and he was buried 25 Jan 1848 at Selworthy, Somerset. I can scarcely imagine the trek back from Bishops Nympton through the Exmoor to Selworthy. Even now the roads are difficult and windy. Perhaps his coffin traveled up to the coast and by boat but in mid-winter that hardly seems likely. Always possible a sleigh was used if there was sufficient snow. John Rew's parents were John Rew and Sarah Moggridge who married 25 Jun 1761 at Selworthy. John and Sarah had six children and I have information beyond baptisms on only four of them thus far.

Mary baptized 26 Jul 1762 at Selworthy
Sarah baptized 7 Feb 1764 at Selworthy and married to William Bricknole 19 Sep 1778 at Selworthy
John (as above)
William baptized 13 Dec 1767 at Selworthy
Betty baptized 26 Dec 1769 at Selworthy and married to John Kent 1793
Thomas baptized 5 Apr 1772 at Selworthy married Ann Horn 25 Oct 1803

In order to tell the entire story of the Moggridge family I need to trace back the line of John Rew and Sarah Moggridge.

First John Rew who was baptized 1 Dec 1722 at Wootton Courtney and was buried 11 Sep 1771 at Minehead. His parents were John Rew and Mary Vicary who were married 30 Apr 1720 at Wootton Courtney. They had eight children

Mary baptized 25 Feb 1720 at Wootton Courtney
John (as above)
Joseph baptized 29 Dec 1724 at Wootton Courtney
Robert baptized 17 Aug 1727 at Wootton Courtney
Ann baptized 14 Feb 1729 at Wootton Courtney
Benjamin baptized 21 Oct 1733 at Wootton Courtney
Sarah baptized 12 Sep 1736 at Wootton Courtney
William baptized 15 Jun 1741 at Wootton Courtney

One of my plans is to collect all the Rew information from the Wootton Courtney parish registers which I have on fiche.

John Rew was himself baptized 12 Jul 1696 at Wootton Courtney and the son of Timothy Rew and Grace Moggeridge who were married 2 Nov 1695 at Wootton Courtney. Timothy was buried 20 Feb 1737 at Wootton Courtney. Grace Moggeridge was baptized 2 Dec 1668 at Porlock and she was buried 3 Dec 1732 at Wootton Courtney. I have not yet pulled out any other children for this couple.

The parents of Grace Moggeridge were Robert Moggeridge and Elizabeth Snow who were married 26 Nov 1659 at Porlock. Robert was buried 7 Aug 1720 at Porlock. Elizabeth was baptized 5 Mar 1635 at Porlock the daughter of John Snow and Margaret Marton who were married 30 Apr 1633 at Porlock. Robert was the son of David Moggeridge.

Robert Moggeridge and Elizabeth Snow had three children

David baptized 16 Dec 1661 at Porlock and married to Emot. Emot and David had two children Symon baptized 28 Mar 1686 at Culbone and married to Mary Phelp 9 Feb 1724 at Selworthy. They in turn had two daughters Mary baptized 31 Jan 1728 at Selworthy and Sarah baptized 28 Dec 1731 at Selworthy. This Sarah married John Rew 5 Jun 1761 at Selworthy and this brings these two families together. John's paternal grandmother Grace was the daughter of Robert and Sarah's paternal grandfather David was a son of Robert (i.e. their grandparents were siblings) and so John Rew and Sarah Moggridge were 2nd cousins.

I pulled this information out of the parish registers a few years back and now I wish to revisit them and pull out all the Moggridge, Rew, Kent information because Robert Siderfin married Grace Kent  5 Feb 1752 at Selworthy and their daughter Elizabeth married John Rew. I am curious to see if  the Kent family is also cousin to the Rew family in that Betty Rew (daughter of John Rew and Sarah Moggridge) married John Kent at Selworthy in 1793. Is this Grace Kent's family (i.e. was John Kent her nephew/cousin?).

The Rew family is eventually found at Sheepwash Farm near Bishops Nympton and there was a Moggridge family living there earlier. Were the Moggridge family in North Devon related to the Moggridge family at Porlock? It would explain why Thomas moved from Selworthy to Bishops Nympton and perhaps also explain why Elizabeth Rew who lived in Somerset ended up marrying John Pincombe at Bishops Nympton.

A number of questions that will occupy me for a while on my Moggridge days!


Philip said...

I have been researching the Moggridge family for many years and my ancestors came from Somerset. I was surprised and curious to come across your excellent blog, as it is very rare to find someone else actually following the same line. I also have a lot of information which may be of help to you and I'll check your details against mine.

Unfortunately I'll be going on holiday on Monday so it will have to wait until my return, but it will be something to look forward to.

Philip Moggridge said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I have added some more information to my blog on the Mogridge family relating to this post. It opens some more questions which you may wish to consider. Here is a link for you

Elizabeth Kipp said...

Thank you Philip and I will go to your blog whilst I am watching the Paralympics. The Mogridge family is quite fascinating I think and should spend more time on them but Blake always seems to take up all my time.