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Rowcliffe at Bishops Nympton, South Molton and Merton

The Rowcliffe family was again a surname that was known to me having heard of this family from my mother. A slight confusion within the families when she was young. There were several Pincombe families living in Huron County (mine lived in Middlesex County (Westminster Township)) and it was known that they were related but the close relationship between these two families was through the Rowcliffe family and not the Pincombe family.

Elizabeth Rowcliffe or Betty as she was baptized although known as Elizabeth as an adult was baptized 20 May 1777 at Bishops Nympton. She married Robert Pincombe 7 Jun 1803 at Bishops Nympton and was buried 29 Oct 1823 at Bishops Nympton. She had seven sons and one daughter. William (her fourth child and third son) died at the age of 15 the 27 Apr 1825 also at Bishops Nympton. Unfortunately, Robert also died relatively young 23 Apr 1827 and was buried 28 Apr 1827 at Bishops Nympton leaving behind three teenaged children and two under 11 years of age. My grandfather was 19 when his father died but he was already farming at Molland. I know from family lore that his three younger brothers lived with him after the death of their father and that Thomas was already apprenticed to a wheelwright (he became a master wheelwright). The eldest son Robert would still have been at Park running that farm I expect as he sold it in 1835. Elizabeth the only daughter married Richard Elworthy in 1828. They farmed at Lapford.

Background on Elizabeth Rowcliffe's family and  Robert Pincombe and Elizabeth Rowcliffe were married 7 June 1803 with witnesses George Rowcliffe and Thomas Pincombe. This helps to locate the families although Robert is known to be the son of John Pincombe and Mary Charley. George Rowcliffe is Elizabeth's brother. Both of their fathers were dead by 1803 with John Pincombe dying in 1795 and Philip Rowcliffe dying in 1802. Philip Rowcliffe farmed at East Bicknor.

Philip Rowcliffe married Martha Pearse 9 Apr 1760 at South Molton, Devon. They had four children

Philip baptism date unknown married Joan Rock 2 May 1803 at Mariansleigh. It was their son John Rowcliffe married to Eliza Brown who was the emigrant to Huron County, Ontario, Canada after 1847 as their last child was baptized at Bishops Nympton 2 May 1847. Their daughter Elizabeth Rowcliffe married Richard Pincombe 4 Dec 1851 in Huron County, Ontario, Canada. This is the connection between these two families that I mentioned earlier. My mother assumed it was a close connection on the Pincombe line but in reality it is a close connection on the Rowcliffe line. The Pincombe line goes back to a Richard and Margaret Pincombe who state their place of origin as Devon, England. Their eight children were all born in England and they lived for a short time in Westminster Township. Eventually I hope to figure out which Pincombe line they descend from in Devon.

George was baptized 9 Jul 1774 at Bishops Nympton and he did not marry (he was the witness at his sister's wedding) he died Dec quarter 1849 at South Molton.

Elizabeth (as above)

William no baptism found yet and he died 6 Dec 1854 at South Molton, marriage is unknown if any.

As mentioned Philip Rowcliffe and Martha Pearse married 9 April 1760 at South Molton.

Philip was baptized 4 Apr 1721 at Merton

Martha was baptized 23 Jan 1736 at South Molton

Philip was the son of Andrew Rowcliffe and Joan Harvey who married 8 Jun 1720 at Merton. Because the Rowcliffe family is easily traced at Merton it was possible to readily put this family together.

Andrew and Joan had five children

Philip (as above)

Mary baptized 30 Apr 1723 and married William Smale 9 Dec 1754 at Merton

Elizabeth baptized 16 May 1727 at Merton

William baptized 9 Mar 1730 at Merton and Married Elizabeth Spare; they had ten children

Andrew baptized 11 Jun 1732 at Merton and married to Wilmote Leverton.

I am missing some information on the children of Andrew and Joan and the next session on the Rowcliffe family I will extract their information from the Merton Parish Registers. I will also begin transcribing them.

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