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Tweddle from Lanercost, Cumberland, UK

Margaret Tweddle married Henry Routledge 3 Oct 1759 at Lanercost, Cumberland. The marriage lines read:

[1759] October
Henry Routledge of the Parish of Bewcastle singleman and Margaret Tweddle of this Parish [Lanercost] Spinster married by Banns, 3rd

Henry Routledge died young (1764) and did not leave a will. The administration of his estate was given to Margaret Routledge (his wife):

Carlisle Decr 29th 1764
On which day appeared personally Margaret
Routledge Widow and alleged
that Henry routledge late of Borderrigg
in the parish of Bewcastle and Diocese of
Carlisle Yeoman deceased died intestate without making
any Will (so far as she doth know or believe) That she is the
Widow and Relict of the said deceased
Wherefore she prayed Letters of Admon of all and singular the
Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased to be committed
and granted to her the said Margaret Routledge
on her giving good and sufficient security in that behalf.

The said Margaret Routledge was
sworn in due form of Law to
the truth of the _____ and to faithfully
administer and to the truth of the
Inventory and so forth.
Before me
Robert Wardale

Margaret Tweddle was baptized  6 Mar 1728 at Lanercost Parish Church the daughter of Thomas Tweddle and Margaret Robson and  but I have not yet decided which of the Margaret Routledge's burials is hers or whether she perhaps remarried as her husband was buried 13 Dec 1764 at Bewcastle after only five years of marriage. There is no family lore for me to fall back on although my mother did mention that one of the reasons the Routledge family (Thomas Routledge was a son of Margaret Tweddle) came to Canada was there not being a strong family pull to keep them in Cumberland. In Thomas' case both of his siblings had died as children before he married but the burial of his mother remains somewhat of a mystery. I will discuss Elizabeth another time but in this instance her father had remarried when she was five years old and her only sibling had died as a two year old one year prior to the second marriage. Elizabeth did have six half siblings (all of her children with the exception of her youngest half sibling had forenames the same as Elizabeth's children).

Thomas Tweddle married Margaret Robson 18 May 1721 and the marriage lines were:

Margaret Robson of Tweddyhill and ThomasTweddle of Askerton were married 18 May 1721.

The Thomas and Margaret Tweddle family was living at Rinnion Hills by 1733 and the following lease was located:

Counterpart lease of Rinnion hills. Charles Earl of Carlisle to Thomas Twedle of Ash, Lanercost, yeoman, for 7 years at L46 a year. 1 February 1733. Howard Papers, University of Durham, UK.  C129 #15

Parish Registers, Lanercost Parish - Thomas and Margaret Tweddle's children/burial of wife Margaret

Baptism John son of Thomas and Margaret Tweddle of Askerton 4 Jan 1721/22
Baptism Isabel daughter of Thomas and Margaret Tweddle of Askerton 30 May 1723
Baptism Jeffrey son of Thomas Tweddle of  Askerton 22 Sep 1725
Baptism Margaret daughter of Thomas Tweddle of Askerton 6 Mar 1727/28
Baptism Mary daughter of Thomas Tweddle of Askerton 28 Aug 1729
Baptism Thomas son of Thomas Tweddle of Askerton 7 Jan 1731/32
Burial Margaret Tweddle of Ringing Hills wife of Thomas Tweddle 28 Feb 1733/34 at Lanercost

Baptism Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Tweddle of Runyon Hills 26 Apr 1734

More information to come on the Tweddle family with the next research day.

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