Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ellis at Winterborne Stickland

Working on the Andover Parish Registers I found an Ellis family there which was rather interesting given the later marriage of Sarah Ellis and William Knight and then their son William Knight and Eleanor Knight followed by Samuel Knight and Louisa Butt and their daughter Maria Jane Knight and Edward Blake. Coincidence or did this Ellis family which appears at Winterborne Stickland in the early 1770s spend time in the Andover area?

Ellice    Richard    son    Ellice    Robert    Simmons    Sarah    1695    May    13
Ellice    John    son    Ellice    Robert        Sarah    1700    November    17
Ellis    John    son    Ellis    Robert        Ann    1732    April    25
Ellis alias Simons    Robert    son    Ellis alias Simons    Robert        Ann    1720    May    6
Ellis alias Simons    Elisha    son    Ellis alias Simons    Elias        Mary    1720    December    18

Thorneton    John        Ellis    Margaret                1604    October    29    widow
White    Samuel        Ellis    Mary                1740    January    14   
Thurman    Thomas    East Wood    Ellise    Dina    East Wood            1655    July    14

Eles    James                        1731    May    23   
Ellice    Robert                        1710    October    8    senior, woollen
Ellis    Elizabeth    daughter            Ellis    Joan    1715    November    26    woollen
Ellis    Joan                        1723    February    20    woollen, widow
Ellis    John                        1732    May    5   
Ellis    Dorothy                        1742    April    1

The family I am looking for is Ellis Ellis who married Sarah Wellspring 7 Mar 1738 at Winterborne Stickland; I have no information on Ellis and Sarah was buried 25 Jan 1780 at Winterborne Stickland (no age given). They baptized four daughters and probably one son at Winterborne Stickland:

Jane baptized 28 Sep 1742 married Atman Melchizedek 2 Jul 1762 at Winterborne Stickland.

Elizabeth baptized 3 Feb 1744 married John Upshall 16 Apr 1770 at Winterborne Stickland.

John baptized 14 Jun 1747 (although the parents are listed as John Ellis and Sarah this is perhaps a transcription error and I am eagerly awaiting Ancestry having the earlier Dorset records online)

Susanna (no baptism found yet) married Thomas Cocks 16 Jul 1772 at Winterborne Stickland.

Sarah baptized 5 Aug 1756 married William Knight 7 Aug 1775 at Winterborne Stickland and they had 8 children according to a number of researchers. I will look at these children in another Knight research blog.

After I found the Ellis records at Andover I did wonder if Elisha Ellis was called Ellis Ellis as the date of birth/baptism would fit very nicely into this family grouping. I have not found the Ellis family at Winterborne Stickland before 1738. Proving/disproving that will be interesting I suspect.

Investigating to see if the Ellis family lived nearby Winterborne Stickland it is possible to search the OPC Dorset website and I do find Ellis families in this area. I will continue to investigate the Ellis family in Dorset on my next research day

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