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Farmer Family of Andover, Collingbourne Kingston

Andover Parish Registers


Farmer    John    son    Farmer    Thomas        Margarett    1710    October    9
Farmer    Amie    daughter    Farmer    Thomas        Margaret    1713    June    7
Farmer    Elizabeth    daughter    Farmer    Thomas            1715    November    11

Farmer    Thomas        Deane    Margarett                1709    October    9

Farmar    Sarah                        1741    February    16   
Farmer    Thomas                        1739    March    6   

I have transcribed the Parish Registers up to the end of 1756 and need to move on to the next Parish Register as Isaac Farmer was likely born around 1764 as he was 44 years old when he died in 1808. I have "read" the register but I find that I do miss items when I read but do not when I transcribe and proofread.

I do not have a lot of hints on Isaac Farmer; he wrote a very clear hand one can tell from his signature on his marriage lines. I have absolutely no idea how he was employed. He married Elizabeth Lambden daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah Lambden 16 Aug 1789 at Woodhouse in Andover and their eldest child William was baptized the same day. Isaac and Elizabeth had six children: William born 16 Jul 1789 at Andover, Sarah born 20 May 1792 and baptized 27 May 1792 at Andover and died Mar quarter 1876 at Andover, Mary Farmer born 21 Dec 1794 and baptized 21 Jan 1795 at Andover, Martha born and baptized 9 Feb 1798 at Andover, married to Thomas Hawkins 23 Sep 1822 at Andover and buried Sep quarter 1852 at Andover, John was born 20 Aug 1801 and baptized 20 Sep 1801 at Andover and buried 3 Apr 1814 at Andover,  and Ann (my 2x great grandmother) was born 19 Apr 1804 at Little London in Andover baptized 11 May 1804 at Andover and died 27 Mar 1893 at Upper Clatford and was buried 31 Mar 1893 at Upper Clatford. About Ann I know a surprising amount. She lived right next door to my grandfather and he was 18 when she died so he knew and remembered her very well. From her he learned about the Blake family mostly although he also learned about his great grandmother Elizabeth Lambden who lived to be 96 years old and worked until that time. He had several great grandparents who lived to great ages. Ann (Farmer) Blake didn't remember her father ver well as she was only four years old when he died.

Isaac being an unfamiliar name I did search on the IGI and found an Isaac Farmer baptized 6 May 1764 at Collingbourne Kingston son of John Farmer. The Collingbourne Kingston has just one Farmer family listed and I did collect all of that information. However the priest does write on the wedding lines that both Isaac Farmer and Elizabeth Lambden are of the parish. The father of Isaac Farmer baptized at Collingbourne Kingston died in 1771 when Isaac was only seven years old. I am left to wonder if he was sent to live with a relative and perhaps in Andover. More work needed here on the Andover Parish Registers and I shall spend my Farmer/Lambden research time on the Andover Parish Registers.

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