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Gagnon family

My last research day on the Gagnon family I determined that this research day would be spent collecting references that I have not already acquired in terms of original documents which I will also transcribe.

The eighth generation of this family is Marie Louise Gagnon who was born 25 May 1845 at St Polycarpe and buried 10 May 1936 at Notre Dame Cemetery in Ottawa Ontario. She was married to Léon Matté 15 Oct 1865 at North Plantagenet,  Prescott County. Her parents were Olivier Gagnon and Josephte Doutre who were themselves married 26 Jun 1844 at Saint Luc Parish in Curran, Prescott County.

The marriage registration for Marie Louise Gagnon states that she was born at St Polycarpe and I checked the parish registers from her date of birth onwards (to one month) but did not find her baptism at St Polycarpe. Her parents were married in Curran and younger children of this family were baptized at Plantagenet. Josephte Doutre was born at Plantagenet so it isn't a matter of her going home to have her first baby since Plantagenet was her home. I will check to see if the parish registers for Curran/Plantagenet are online on Ancestry.  I have checked this earlier and the records prior to 1877 for these two parishes are not on ancestry. I shall put on my to do list for Library and Archives Canada a look at the Parish Registers (published) for this area when next I visit.

I checked out Cornwall - St Colomban Parish Register. I found one interesting set of data for the Confirmation 15 July 1845

Vincent Kannebob
Elizabeth Marie Kannebob
Thomas G Neil
Alexander Desrochers
Te_s_amers Desrochers
Marie Anne Taillons
Sophie Roussette
Ann McTavish
Mary Gallachor
Rosalie Desrochers
Sophie Gadbout dit Vandandaique
Elizabeth Josephine McDonell
Catherine McMillan
Margaret Rivière
Adille Langevin
Catherine _ Denis
Rose Lacouture
Mariann McGrath
Margaret D McDonald
Paul P Denis
Mary Josephine McDonell
Ann McNeil
Marie Chatelin
Margaret Kelday
Ann _______
Katern Mary Strong
Matilda Webb
Margaret Mary Morgan
Margaret Ann McDonell
Mary Madgalene G__ner
Ann Agnes McAu__y
Mary Daily
Marie Kate Dega___
Mariann Gl___ery
Adelaide Lalonde
Terrance __ __houn
Mariann R__y

A mixture of French Canadian and Scot at Cornwall it looks like. However, no Gagnon in that list anyway. This register is in English.

 Reading through a few more pages of this register just to see the names. That is a rough transcription; I just read it through and typed but it might be of interest to someone. I found the baptism of Priscilla Gagnon:

B 22 Priscilla Gagnon
April the sixth eighteen hundred and forty six we the undersigned Priest
in charge of the Cornwall Mission have baptized Priscilla born the twenty
seven of February of the lawful marriage of Francois Gagnon and Celeste
Brassard residents of Oznabruck. Sponsors J Baptiste Brassard and Leacadre Emond
Alneas McDonald _______

 A quick check with World Connect shows that this is the second wife of Francois Gagnon and that he was the son of Isaac Gagnon and Antoinette Pilote  with the parents of Isaac being Joseph Gagnon and Luce Simard. The parents of Joseph Gagnon being Etienne Gagnon and his third wife Marie Madeleine Lavoie. Continuing back I do discover that these two lines are descended from the same couple in France, there are probably too distant in relationship. It was interesting though finding the relationship between these two families.

The Cornwall Parish Register for St Columban did not yield a baptism for Marie Louise Gagnon. Hopefully, I will be into Library and Archives Canada before I work on the Gagnon family again just to see if I can find any documentation for Marie Louise Gagnon. The next research day I will move back to Olivier Gagnon (father of Marie Louise Gagnon) and ensure that I have pulled all of his records. I also need to collect the census records for Marie Louise after marriage but will work on that with the Matté family.

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